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My Simeon and Anna

by Sr Constance Veit During the month of February my thoughts naturally turn to two of my favorite Biblical figures, Simeon and Anna. Simeon is described in St. Luke’s Gospel simply as “a man in Jerusalem,” and Anna as an eighty-four year old “prophetess.” These two elders greet Mary and Joseph as they bring their newborn infant to the Temple in Jerusalem to present him to the Lord. We cele...
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Marching for Life 2020

Last week our communities in Washington, DC, Baltimore and Richmond participated in the annual March for Lifer activities, including the Vigil for Life at the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Youth Rally and Mass at the Capital One Arena and the March itself. In addition, our home in DC also welcomed groups of young people from Green Bay, WI and Iowa. The day before the March w...
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Doing It Their Way

Many of our homes have initiated the Music and Memories program, which helps to being life and joy into the lives of the elderly through their favorite music. An elder care employee has done something similar in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jamie Lee Morley and one of the seniors he cares for, Margaret Mackie, have made a recording of Frank Sinatra's My Way and are raising money for the Alzheimer's...
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An Early Christmas Present

    As most of us were busy preparing for Christmas last December a small group of Little Sisters and Residents, led by Mother General María, had the thrill of a lifetime. On December 5thMother General, four Little Sisters and five Residents from our homes in Rome and Marino, Italy, had a private audience with Pope Francis! The audience had been requested several months in advance so th...
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SLS20: JOY=Jesus+Old+Young

Once again this year at the FOCUS conference we invited participants to write their prayer intentions on our paper rosary beads and to come and pray with us each day during the lunch break. We met lots of great new people and renewed a bunch of friendships too! Check out our photos below.
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Staying Young at Heart As We Age

or, How to Age without Growing Old By Sister Constance Veit, LSP When writing I generally try to reach as broad an audience as possible, but, as we begin this new year, I’d like to address myself to those who feel they are growing old. “Aren’t we all growing old?” you might wonder. Well, yes and no! Although Pope Francis often expresses his esteem and appreciation for the elderly, he als...
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Great Advice the Week Before Christmas: How to Love Your Adult Children Really Well

Some very helpful advice from a blogger named Deb Wolf. I’m not a perfect parent. I’ve always known that, but for a long time, I thought, at least, I was perfect for my children. I don’t know if that’s true either. But… One thing I do know to be true. I love them. With all my heart. I love them. Not perfectly, but completely. Always have. Always will. I don’t give much par...
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  By Sister Constance Veit, LSP I had just begun my initiation to religious life when a very kind Little Sister offered to share with me the secret to joy. Of course, I wanted to know the secret, I responded! JOY, she confided, is a matter of putting Jesus first, Other people second and Yourself last. Her advice made a lot of sense and, for me, it has mostly proven true. Wh...
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“I fell in love with the elderly,” a Little Sister’s vocation story

from The Catholic Standard, Washington, D.C. Like many 10th graders beginning their college search as high schoolers, Sister Constance Veit, who is now a Little Sister of the Poor, sought ways to boost her resume -- good grades, extra-curricular activities, and community service. “My family had a high premium on education,” she said. While searching for community service opportunities...
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Saint Jeanne Jugan, the universal sister

On October 11 we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the canonization of our mother, Jeanne Jugan. This Friday we celebrate her birthday, October 25, 1792. These photos show how our Little Sisters in Brittany marked the canonization anniversary… The people of Cancale took this anniversary to heart, mobilizing the mayor, scout troops and many other lovers of Saint Jeanne Jugan. At the chapel of ...
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