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# IdName or InitialsCity / StateIntentions
1 109
Scott Ewart
Columbia, MD
Pray for my grandmother please.
2 111
Scranton PA
For the Little Sisters continued good works.  For our elderly, infirm and dementia resident.  For the employees and their families of the Little Sisters.  For the USA and all who live, work and visit our shores.
3 113
Zumbrota, Minnesota
Beulah Clancy
4 114
For my younger sister that her foot may heal properly.For all discerning their vocation. 
5 115
Gloria Zuazua
New York, NY
Please pray for (a) a healing for Chris, Patrick and Carmen; (b) a return of my son and sister to the Catholic faith; and (c) a complete cure of  my daughter's and Alice's cancer.
6 116
For my family and friends and their families. And for those that have no one to pray for them! For an increase of vocations to the Little Sisters of the Poor! For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the postulants and novices, and for the intercession of St Jeanne Jugan! 
7 117
Clint Walker
Pray that the Little Sisters with God will continue to care for our elderly in the Spirit of St. Jeanne Jugan
8 118
Employment for father of 5 small kids
9 119
Littleton CO
Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team and their families for their  protection against all evil (spiritual warfare). Place us underneath his shield (Psalm 91) for spiritual protection.  Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group  each Tues evening.  Special prayers for:   (1) Carole-stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer (2) Eileen- ALS  (3) Jim –cancerous spots/tumors on his liver  (4) Kerby Family- for protection for all family members (5) Jean-lung cancer  (6) Ken-cancer –to remain in remission (7) Maura and child-born at 29 weeks 2 lbs 7 oz (boy) ,  Maura had emergency surgery day of birth of her son. continued prayers for healing for both. (8) Coni-tumor behind pituitary gland. Has not been able to work since after July 4. Vision problems, headaches, nausea since. Finally approved for surgery but can't get into the 2 drs that she needs to see first until late Oct.   Blessings Shelly   
10 120
Claremont, CA
Please pray that I receive special monthly compensation Aid and Attendance at the highest level. 
11 121
Christine Marie
Derry, NH
for an increase in vocation to the Priesthood and Religious life in my family and for the millions of generations of my family for eternity
12 122
NY, New York
To get well.
13 123
West Lafayette, IN
Please pray for the conversion of my family and that God gives me the strength to follow my vocation. 
14 124
Federico J Reinel
For my wife and family.
15 125
M Riley
Kansas City, MO
For the Hanson and Riley families.  
16 126
Angie Miller
Granger, In
The repose of the soul of Andrew and peace for his family......
17 127
Please pray that our house may sell, as my husband and I have had to move across country to be near our daughter.
18 128
Kathy Jones
Howell, Michigan
Please pray for the victims of the horrific shooting in Las Vegas and their families.
19 129
Lake Placid Florida
Prayers to new Gr.Grandbaby to be. Also prayers my son starts to talk to me again after 2 years. 
20 130
Middle Village, NY
Please pray for PAZ and DFZ for trust in our Lord
21 131
Kathy Jones
Howell, Michigan
Please pray for the hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and surrounding Islands. 
22 132
JenniferJeff Villarreal
Please pray for my health ( mind and body )  so I can return to work .
23 133
Nancy Cunningham
Savannah GA
Please pray for the soul of Father Augustine Cunningham, OSB, and a few words for me too.
24 134
cincinnati OH
For healing, clarity and joy in my family.
25 135
That I am able to get out of the financial problems that I currently 
26 136
richmond va.
please pray for my niece who is very sick.
27 137
Brother John
Boston, MA
Health of body, mind, and spirit forfamily and self.Special VA intention.
28 138
Gallbladder surgery
29 139
Sylvania, Ohio
For an increase in the respect for human life, from conception to natural death.
30 140
Elena Kennedy
Potomac, Maryland
Please pray for my daughter, Christina, that she finds her way and opens her heart to the Holy Spirit., Amen
31 141
For my husband with Stage 4 cancer complicated with heart problems.  We need him to recover and stay with us for a few years.  Right now, we are praying he lasts until Christmas.  We have two boys, 21 and 24 years old who are also very close with him.  Your prayers are very much appreciated.  His name is Chuck...and he is a sweetheart.
32 142
Woodbine MD
Please pray that my lung radiation be successful and without long term side effects
33 143
That my daughter Julia is accepted into the nursing program at UCM this fall
34 144
Please pray for my children to make choices as per Gods plans for them Thanks 
35 145
St Paul
For my son, Ryan to stop drinking  and start going back to church.
36 146
Washington DC
For an end to assisted suicide and euthanasia
37 147
Wilmington, DE
Please pray that my brother is cured of cancer. Thank you.
38 148
Ellington CT
Return to good health
39 149
Joan gillis
Carmichael CA
Improved mental and physical health
40 150
Des Peres
That my daughter is able to get her grades up in her engineering, calculus, and biology classess
41 151
Elizabeth Calero
Miami, Florida
For my family, so Gods faith and love will grow in them, to make them faithful to The Lord and to His blessed Mother.For any special needs they might have, and for my own health, that it may resolve soon.Thanking God for his Love and Mercy for ever.For Peace in the Holy Land, For the Holy land Franciscans, custodian's of the Holy land. For Puli and Corris and Emily, so God will protectem and help them in their special need.For Vocations to Little Sisters and all religious orders of the world
42 152
Green Valley, AZ
May Amy and Matt enjoy a married life full of Health, Happiness, Contentment and Prosperity!
43 153
I pray that my son does well in his courses at college this year 
44 154
Natalie Saeger
Holmdel NJ
I need some peace and happiness in my life. 
45 155
Birmingham AL
Job opportunity in our hometown for my husband and for my 2 jobs to flourish and bring in more income to help us with our debt and monthly bills. And for improved physical health for both of us. Thank you for your prayers and may God Bless you!
46 156
Madelyn D'Gerolamo
River Ridge, Louisiana
Please pray for me.  I am 82 and will be moving to another state to be near family.  It seems such a huge thing to do for me.  I need inner strength.    Many thanks.
47 157
A job for my son JimHealing for EileenThank you
48 158
mentor, oh
Please pray for our health and we are thanking God for all of his blessings.
49 159
Better health
50 160
St Louis
Healing of chronic ear discomfort.  Choice of best physician to treat intense back pain as well as procedure.  Please pray for my emotional health as well.  Many thanks!  God bless you.
51 161
Ellen Healy
Floral Park, NY
Help for her pain due to the treatment for her cancer
52 162
Alexandria, Va.
Pray for grandson in college.  Family issues with LGBT.  Good health.
53 163
A prayer for the planet, may all the evil intentions and hatred we see, be overpowered by God and all that is good in mankind.  
54 164
Sally Rooney
Lutherville , Md.
Pray that she shall gain relief from her back pain and that her eyesight shall not be impaired .
55 165
Al Montag
Loveland, OH
For the protection of my son, Matt's, vocation to the Priesthood. Vivat Jesus!
56 166
Elena McGreal
Medford MA
My husband Connie McGreal   Former Principal at the Powderhouse School in Somerville has Alzheimer's Disease and is in need of prayers. Thank you for reaching out to us.  We are forever grateful. 
57 167
Please pray for my husband R. to have his health restored. Please pray that my mom A.'s hearing to be restored.  Please pray for N. to have her neck pain and her health improve and strength and health for her mother J.  Pray for my children R. and L. to stay close to God and the Church.                                                         
58 168
Please pray forDenise and Dave' marriage. My husband George's job growsMy Son, George finds a job My sister LIsa's medical condition is not cancerwatch over and protect my sister ChristineHelp me find the right people to build our home
59 169
Peace of Mind
60 170
Please pray for my health and for my son’s optometry work at UH and for my daughter and husband and for the world. Please pray for the intentions of the Blessed Virgin. I will pray for vocations. Thank you so much!
61 171
Donald Accurso
Middletown, OH
For the repose of the soul of Andrea Accurso, niece of Helen Lasita, and 'Sis' Lasita. God bless you.
62 172
Mary Rider
Williamsburg VA
Accepting God’s will in my major life transition, continued healing for family members.Thank you!
63 173
San Francisco/ CA
To fully embrace the process of forgiveness. To let go of fear and to be more self-confident. For a good job.For continued health in mind and body. And for trust that God will guide my second half of life and not fear old age and abandonment. And for my friends and relatives and their intentions. Amen.
64 174
Mary Ann
Warwick, RI
Ken's surgery, a healing for my son John who has autism, my broken family, vocations, and all the people I promised I would pray for.
65 175
Rich Laporte
Scituate, RI
My family, for them to practice living well so they can die well.
66 176
Middlesbrough UK
Physical and Mental Health
67 177
SanFrancisco, CA
The repose of the soul of Caden Sua Lepisi, just 2 1/2 months old,  his grief stricken parents, Josh and Nicole,  his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins
68 178
Clifton Park, NY 
Complete healing of my mom's dementia, Parkinson's and open sores. To return my niece home and release her from the grip of the demon that has a hold of her.  To heal my uncle of his profound deafness.  To heal Stanley Muraski of his broken hip and allow his return to the choir to play the organ.  He is desperately needed.  To heal me of all my injuries and pains.
69 179
Sher Hoffman
HArrisburg, PA
Please pray for my special intentions for my 2 sons. Please keep my whole family in your prayers. Thank you
70 180
Lansdale, Pa
for Doyle family that they all come back to the Church, to the Sacraments, and to the Lord.  All who are sick:  Liz, Andrew, Harry, Ginny, Aunt Dolores, Don, Sr. Marietta Therese
71 181
For my daughter and her familyFor my son and his family
72 182
prov ri
Vocations for our Congregations
73 183
Kathleen Clougherty Regan
San Marino, Calif.
 For my little nephew who will have test today to see if he will be blind dear Lord please help him  . Thank you
74 184
prov ri
Maryann's good health
75 185
Metuchen, New Jersey 
For all the elderly who feel alone and frightened may they find comfort in prayer and sense the presence of angels.
76 186
David & Sandra Lipari
Cornelius, NC
Pray for Sandra and I for our new home and life in NC.  That we a good representative of Christ's love in the world.  That we get our furniture back from the moving company who is holding it hostage for more money.
77 187
New  Jersey
For family return to ChurchFor our country to turn back to God  
78 188
Cabot, AR
Please pray for my friend Cyndi.  Also, please pray for my son, Marshall,  THank you so much,
79 189
Margaret Whyte
Fulton, MD
vocations to the religious lifee.employment for my children
80 190
Philadelphia PA
Good health and good health to my family & friends
81 191
Reid Key
Point Clear
That through, study, piety and action I will become a better husband and father and help lead others to a more realistic relationship with Jesus.
82 192
peggy kelly
westbury ny
for my dau. chris and mark.. happy life.. things better for them both.. at a time of transition..  my grandchildren heading in the right direction..
83 193
St. Paul MN
Help me to sort through my dilemma
84 194
Rodger james Burskey
New Hudson Michigan
Pray for my recovery from surgery, depression and divorce.My the lord allow me grace and favor and to do his will.
85 195
My wife gets a new job without interruption of insurance.
86 196
James F Smith
Dumont NJ
Please pray for my daughter Kelly Smith-suffers from depression and is unemployed.  Pleas pray for her husband Pat Govang-difficulties in the marriage.  
87 197
Whitestone, NY
For all our loved ones who passed, thatthey may be in the peaceful, glorious presence of Our Loving Father, awaiting the joyful day when all will be reunited, never again to be separated.
88 198
89 199
Return to the Church Relationship with ChildrenSacraments for Grandchild
90 200
Jolene Granier
Arvada, CO
Please pray for my niece, Ashley Sanchez and her three daughters, especially her new born Berkleigh who is in the hospital.
91 201
92 202
Philadelphia, pa 
Hoping Joes procedure goes well with little discomfort 
93 203
My daughter' s birthday is also October 25.  My prayer is for her, her marriage and for her twins.  May they be admitted to the high school of their choice and the one best for God's plan for them. .  Amen
94 204
Please pray for Kelsey to be healed  from the disease of addiction
95 205
Deb Duffy
Arnold Md.
Please pray for my son, that we will stop doing any drugs and will recognize that he is loved by God and his family. He feels that no one needs him. Please pray for him so he can feel God's love and blessings that God gave him as his own personal gifts . Thank You so much!
96 206
Kathy & Keith Robertson
Fort Worth Texas
That as my husband passed Sat Sept 16th, Mary was there to welcome him into the Lords  kingdom. That was son comes to know and accept the Lords everlasting grace and healing strength. That the Little Sisters will always be there as they have for my family for over 100 years. My grandmother passed in your care. She taught us she was going home and there was nothing to be afraid of. Sarah Veronica O'Donnell Warren.
97 207
Pittsburgh PA
For the conversion of family members who have fallen away from their Catholic faith, that they return to the path of salvation
98 208
Mobile, AL
Success for booksSuccess for a program/writing projectOther personal intentions for family 
99 209
North Smithfield, RI
Please pray for a return to the Catholic  Church and the sacraments for all members of my family who are lapsed or have left the Catholic Church.
100 210
That I may love God more.
101 211
Furlong PA
I am currently unemployed looking for a job.  My daughter Cydney is dealing with abusive roommates at college making her studies difficult .  My other daughter Jamie is dealing with depression. 
102 212
The DeRitis Family
Broomall, PA
For all priests and religious that they may have holy, faithful  and joyful vocations.
103 213
Bronx NY
For the bad things that have been happenibg to my family to stop. 
104 214
Donna McGreal
Chicago, IL
Brother Richard and wife Diane McGreal to recover from medical issues
105 215
Franklin, PA
For all the holy souls in purgatoryFor all our persecuted brothers and sisters, esp. those suffering due to their Christian faithFor peace in the world, our homes and our heartsFor religious freedom in the worldFor end to ISIS and conversion of its membersFor victims of  recent hurricanes, earthquakes and fires in the worldFor protection of all human life from conception to natural deathFor my family...repentance and conversion...return to the faith
106 216
Baltimore, MD
107 217
Please pray for peace of  soul for Jean Kuczewski and that she will find solace in the church once again.
108 218
Prayer for all Victims and families involved in shooting in Las Vegas
109 219
Bronx, NY
For the bad things that have been happening to my family to stop. 
110 220
Austin TX
For a strengthening of faith, hope, and charity in all of our hearts.
111 221
David Heltemes
Bethesda, Maryland
My Granddaughter Peyton is one year old suffering from multiple seizures due to Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.  Your prayers for her would be greatly appreciated.  
112 222
Rose Anne
newtown square, PA
Pls. pray for me and my husband, Todd, to be closer to God thru prayer to help our love for each other to keep our marriage well and happy. Pls. pray for my husband to ask God to help him  in all his life choices for himself, me and our families. He is a good man.  Ask God to help me be a good wife in all ways too.  Praise God for his tender mercies. Thank you.
113 223
Jan Wendelken
Akron, Ohio
numbness due to stenosiis
114 224
Newark DE
Bring family together and World Peace
115 225
Jean Call
Daughter,with many on going health issuesSon-in-law recently dx with frontal & temporal dementia & ALS
116 226
New York
In HEARTFELT GRATITUDE for the many graces and blessings God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit has bestowed on me through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.
117 227
Media Pa
For an end to violence and for good health for those suffering.
118 228
Marie Boardman
Appleton, Wisconsin
in a coma due to stroke
119 229
pgh pa
health and comfort , peacec and joy in God for my mother , brothers and myself  a godly husband for myself
120 230
Rob Mudd
For the Lord, Mother Mary, all the Angeles & Saints too watch over my 20-year-old daughter Christine. Guide her to pray and give her problems to the Lord. Stay positive keep her mind open, her heart full of love and forgiveness and her soul clean and pure Amen.
121 231
Darin Broussard
O'Fallon, Illinois
Please pray for my son Nicholas and daughter Kathleen that they see the real value/purpose of their life and that they develop an awesome relationship with Jesus.  And that I help in that intention.
122 232
Mary Elizabeth Setti
West Babylon, NY
Please pray for Jeanne Calise (my Nana), who has severe scoliosis.  Thank you and God bless you.
123 233
Robert Byrnes
Carey Va
Pray for my deceased wife Anna Marie Byrnes
124 234
Fort Collins, CO
For my son Joey, 15, who is contemplating the priesthood.
125 235
Timonium, MD
Recovery from a learning  disability  of our grandson Matthew and for his success in school and adulthood and in a career.
126 236
K. Gifford
Bethlehem, NH
Please pray for the repose of the soul of my great nephew Seth and peace for his family.
127 237
Washington DC
Jacob, Andrew and Kate - that they come to believe in the importance of prayer and love of God.  For Racheland Daniel that their faith remains strong and is nurtured in their child, Joseph.
128 238
Robert Ogorman
Oakton, VA
For all those in the world who are hurting in any way.
129 239
For my niece Casey undergoing a procedure this AM
130 240
Andre LaBrosse
Maui, Hawaii
Eternal rest grant unto my Brother Andre, O Lord, and perpetual light shine on him and all the needful souls in purgatory.  May they rest in peace.Grant daily vocations also, Abba, to the Little Sisters of the Poor!
131 241
John F
Seminole,  Florida 
For help with fighting the effects of Parkinson's disease
132 242
Venice, Fl
For our children to truely return to God and our Catholic Faith.
133 243
Mary H. 
Baltimore MD
Pray for God’s mercy on my sister who is suffering from Alzheimer's.  
134 244
Tim Anderson
San Francisco
Porn addiction
135 245
Fridley, MN
the repose of the souls of Helen and John Slaughter
136 246
Houston, TX
Pray for the many unfortunate people that lost everything in the massive storms Harvey and Maria. Let them find peace in knowing the loved ones they lost are with GOD now and at peace.
137 247
Ellen Ritchie Smith
Drexel Hill, PA
Prayers for physical healing of our adult son, Rob. Prayers of thanksgiving for our newest granddaughter , Celeste Jukes SmithPrayers for special intentions and good health and wisdom for family .Much appreciated .Thank you,Ellen Smith 
138 248
Family health
139 249
MJ&L--healthy pregnanciesB-special intentionJ&l-increase of faith
140 250
Ruth Rosenstock
Collegeville, PA
Please pray for my continued good health and strength at my age of 91.  God Bless you.
141 251
World peace, Grandchildren and children  practicing their Catholic faith, inner peace.
142 252
O. Ayorinde 
Indianapolis  IN 46268
I want God to give me better job, I don't want trouble in my life and my family. I want permanent job with faith God will do it for me Amen
143 253
Good health outcome.Thanks
144 254
Baltimore , Md
Health of Body and SoulGod's Forgiveness
145 255
My husband and I just went through IVF and just had our first transfer last Friday. Please pray that this baby continues to form and develops into a healthy full term pregnancy.Amen
146 256
Gina M
Santa Fe, N.M. 
Father in Heaven, please bring my son, Adam and my daughter, Shantal to Jesus. Please always protect and guide them and bless their lives. 
147 257
Dian R. Malm
Forest Hills, NY 
For my daughters health and mental well being during their present difficult time.
148 258
Dennis Smolak
Annandale, VA
149 259
Bill O'Keefe
Providence Forge
My granddaughter's pregnancy and the people of Puerto Rico, Vieques, and Culebra.
150 260
Mobile, AL
Healing of sick family members.
151 261
Farmingville, NY
Please pray for peace and communication among family members. Thank you
152 262
Adult  wandering children return to Faith; healing for one of their marriages; MUCH Grace for son with new baby; healing and good remission from cancer treatment for husband; upcoming trip and all at home; thanksgiving for the beautiful care for mother in law.
153 263
Blue Bell
Please pray for purity, chastity and end to contraception use (which many cause abortions) in my family and the world. Return my family to church. Heal family members and loved ones who are sick and gratitude for those who have been healed. A Greater trust in God's love and to do His Holy Will. More religious and Holy vocations. For God to overcome evil and hate in our world through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Remember to praise and thank God for His goodness. 
154 264
Please pray for my protection and guidance 
155 265
Full time job for our son.Thank you.
156 266
Windsor Colorado
Please pray my daughter Laura overcomes her eating disorder and alcoholism.  Please pray that the judge sentences her to weekenders or work release instead of jail for her DUI.  Thanks.
157 267
My daughter return to church
158 268
Wabasha MN
For all our young people that they my hear our lords call in this world of noise and for those who pass on the faith to them
159 269
Lucinda Mundorf
Elkridge, MD
For the swift resolution to question of payment for my HEAL loans from MRHC and assist the lawyer working on this to expedite so that I can be free of this financial strain
160 270
Philadelphia, PA
Pray for the health of my nephew Jeremy and my nieces Lynda and Lisa.
161 271
I'm praying not for myself but for my friend Analiza Cortes which after being marriee for more than 10yrs have'nt been able to bear a child. I know by the grace of Mama Mary and by the name of Jesus, she will have a child by end od this year. Thank you very much.
162 272
Paul Filbin
Oak Park,Il
Regina's health restored, Ellen's health restored
163 273
Joanne M. Loney
Philadelphia, PA
That things improve on my job, so that I may keep it.  I have, what I consider, a difficult boss.  Thank you, dear sisters.
164 274
Help to discern God's will for life path
165 275
Linden Va.
166 276
Peggy Cuskley
Fresh Meadows/NY
Skye Azhar recovery from severe debilitating depression 
167 277
Wallingford, PA.
That the Lord may address the greed and lying of a former employer who has not told the truth for most of her life. And mayhe acknowledge the work that I did for 12.5 years and was treated with lies, injustice and ungodly actions. Amen.
168 278
Leawood, Ks
I am so afraid and panicky.  Please pray for me and my family! 
169 279
Charlottesville Va
Please pray for my daughter and her husband that God will give them a healthy baby.
170 280
Margaret Yo
Kitchener Ontario
For the grace to be physically able to go to church to receive the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Confession. For improvement and healing of Parkinson's illness. For all in need of prayer and those who do not know how to call on God. 
171 281
Zionville, IN
That my  disease progresses slowly and I live a long pain free life with the help of my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the prayers.
172 282
Co Mayo Ireland 
Please pray for family.member illlness .and for peace and good will.   Thank you Frances 
173 283
Catherine J.
Denver, Colorado
Permanent, full time professional job soon for my son, Bill.   Return of my health and relief from some of the pain.
174 284
Eleanor O'Kane
Lower Gwynedd,Pa.
Please pray for friend Carol O'Hare who has cancer
175 285
Sunnyvale, CA
May Mama Mary give my daughter, Wendell Bertulfo-Wold her most cherish healthy Baby, boy or girl. Many thanks to the congregation.
176 286
Marilyn Nader
Port St. Lucie Florida 
 Please pray for my sick friends, Lynda Brown, Phyllis DiVasto, Cathy Fucci, Connie Tracy, Jim Caputo, Arline Bilbo.  And for my deceased relatives including my mother, father, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and good friends who are deceased, Connie , Risa, rosemarie,Barbara, Kevin, and my beloved cousin in law and friend, Roger Desmond.    Also please pray for my intentions regarding Lorraine, Armita, and me and all my friends and relatives  here on earth.  Thanks. 
177 287
Conversion for family members.
178 288
Albany NY
Please pray for the suffering people in Puerto Rico. Pray that relief supplies reach them soon.  Keep the people strong. Amen.
179 289
John Pilkington
Frankford/ Delaware
For the Living and Deceased members of the Pilkington and Winther Families
180 290
Ply Mtg
For my vocation as I'm a bit lost now - in the wildernessFor my husband's wellbeing and healthFor my daughter's struggle with religion and her moodsFor my son's dependencyThank you and God bless you.
181 291
Mary K
For my brother, Joe, to return to the Faith.For the Holy Souls in Purgatory.For Cathy Briand to recover from cancer.
182 292
Mary Kelly 
Langhorne Pa
For good jobs for my grandchildren and healthy relationships for them. Good health
183 293
Diane B.
San Pedro, CA
Positive outcome for Beth & John's health.Health of my family members.Health of the country.Health of the world.
184 294
Lyndis Lewco
For my blood work to be normalCara to be relaxed with new baby and that the baby won't be so fussy
185 295
Chantilly, va
Bless us with another healthy pregnancy and bless my husband with very good job with a very good benefit closer to home.Please pray for my father (Sing Tat Liem) soul so he can go to heaven.  Also please cure my coworker Greg from his heart attack. Amen.
186 296
Chicago, il
I have cancer
187 297
vocationsNoah and the challenges he facesFamilyAmanda and Sammy as they enter their marriage
188 298
Jupiter, Fl
Pray that my husband and brother find faith and come into the Catholic Church.
189 299
That the obedience of the Blessed Mother to the Father , the Son and the Holy Spirit might be a working model for many. 
190 300
Schenectady NY 
Healing and restore Vision in the left eyeHealing of relationship of Husband and Son
191 301
William R
Overland Park, KS
For the strength to deal with my incurable cancer.
192 302
Joan lally
Pgh, pa
For the soul of James f. Lally, and health of M H l and j k l.
193 303
strength and clearness of vision/goals
194 304
John Gaston
Sierra Vista, AZ
For my wife Jean who just had knee surgery...for a fast recovery with little pain.
195 305
K silvestri
Hawthorne, nj07506
Vocations for our catholic faith.
196 306
To have a good test.
197 307
Mary Lou
Scranton PA
please pray for my sons success in their studies at school as they work towards their future goals
198 308
St.Louis, MO
Cure of chirrosis of the liver.
199 309
Please help me financially so I can help my family.
200 310
K . B.
Hartford Co. MD
Surgery on 10-3-17.Pray for the doctor and the hospital stay.  That all will be well. Thank you for the prayers. 
201 311
eileen bellew
glenolden, pa
Hello, My daughter just had a baby girl.  Mary Katherine is a healthy baby and God has blessed us. Please pray for the new family and that they will grow in God's love. Thank you.  
202 312
To have relief of knee and shoulder pain.
203 313
Yardley PA
Please pray for my anxiety and for my son's intentions.God bless you.
204 314
philadelphia, pa
For John's healing
205 315
Virginia Beach
Please pray for peace on Earth on our behalf. Thank you.
206 316
Kathleen Senay
Souderton. PA 18964
Anxiety and help through grieving.
207 317
Perilla Wilson
Mobile, Alabama
Acceptance of my application to live at the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Mobile.
208 318
St. Paul, Minnesota
Safety for my grandchildren.  That they will continue to grow in their Faith.
209 319
steven richards
for the forgiveness of all our sins
210 320
Phyllis and Tony Pirone
Franklin Lakes,  Nj
Both have cancer. Phyllis member of Auxiliary. 
211 321
Glasgow, KY
That the company my husband worked for will find it in their hearts to realize their mistake for letting him go.  That they will re-evaluate their decision and call my husband back.  I also would like to ask for guidance as we settle my mother's estate.  That may we find love  and acceptance as we divide her properties. Amen. 
212 322
Fr. Brian hawker
Arcadia, CA.
The grace of good health.An increase of priestly  vocations
213 323
Britt Howard
.Heart Surgery next week
214 324
pittsburgh pa 
please pray for emma, michael, martha, and heidi
215 325
Stephen Tisdale
San Clemente, CA
Healing and pain relief from injuries received in car accident.
216 326
Rita Sabin
Maumee, Ohio
Please pray for my dear friend, Rose Marie Strayer, who is very ill and one of your residents.
217 327
Dennis Weisbruch
East Stbg/PA
Pray for my recovery from back pain
218 328
My marraige
219 329
My marraige
220 330
John T
East Williston  NY
Please pray for my family, my sons and their families and that my son Mike may be accepted into the next FDNY firefighter class . Also please pray for my step children and for their families.  Thank You,   John.
221 331
Ed Mooney
Pray for his recovery from bone cancer.
222 332
Pittsburgh PA
For Allyson Bartlett for a positive outcome post surgery. For the poor souls killed or injured in the shooting in Las Vegas.Thank You.
223 333
Mary Kathleen Ellis
Big Prairie, OH
Mary Kay has been undergoing chemo treatment for lung cancer.  Today we found out it has stopped growing.  Please pray that it will continue to disappear.
224 334
Martin Schaffer
Front Royal, VA
For our daughter who is teaching in Rennes, France, as well as for our daughter who is studying in Boone, North Carolina, that they may know their vocations.
225 335
East Providence, RI   
Complete success of Breast Cancer Surgery this week.
226 336
Mary Hurley
Catonsville md
Employment for my son Chris Hurley.  Out if work for 6 months,
227 337
Wheaton, IL
Hail Mary's to keep all words in order. 
228 338
Evanston, IL
please dear Lord take care of my son. Help him to get through this time in his life.I love you dear Jesus.
229 339
New Jersey
Please pray for my mother who is ill. Thanks!
230 340
Sandra Borgman
New Orleans, La
Special intention of Ted Borgman & for the cure of Earl Smith
231 341
pgh pa
repose of souls of family members
232 342
successful resolution of current crisis
233 343
St Louis, MO 
Little Sisters of the Poor
234 344
Cincinnati, OH
Please pray for my parents.  Thank you!
235 345
E. Falmouth Ma
Please pray for baptism of four grand nephews.
236 346
Clifton Park, NY
Heal my mother's dementia, Parkinson's and open body sores.  To bring my niece back to her family and to release her from the grip of the demon who has a hold of her.  To heal my uncle of his profound deafness, to heal our choir director of his broken hip and to return him to the choir, where he is desperately needed and to heal me of all of my aches and pains.
237 347
Beau Bordelon
Madisonville, LA
My grandson, Beau, is blind in one eye. Please pray with me that his vision is fully restored.God bless the Little Sisters. 
238 348
Sister Agnes of Jesus
Wilmington, NC
Final perseverance, last right, freedom form Purgatory myself and family members.Pray for my postulancy and I will pray for all of you. Ora Pro Nobis
239 349
Simin and Parviz
Glendale, CA
Peace and help for the refugees who are suffering
240 350
Sarasota FL
My husband, Jeff My daughter, Ayleen My nephew, Sean 
241 351
Sue Watson
Columbia MD
Please pray for my dear friend Paul McMahon who is suffering from cancer. God bless you Sisters.
242 352
Pray for my son and his family.Please.
243 353
Chicago, Illinois 
Pray for my brother-in-law's coming needle biopsy to be negatives for cancer. And for the families of those killed and wounded in Las Vegas
244 354
Palmyra/ VA
My family and myself getting out of depression.
245 355
Edgewood. Kentucky
That my daughter has successful shoulder surgery on Wednesday and my son find a job.
246 356
please look over me. And my family. We are very troubled and dealing with addiction and poverty. thank you Lord
247 357
Connie Labowitz
Springfield, PA
Megan Kaniewski ( a 6 yr, old who has leukemia.)
248 358
Jim Gardner
Newark, Delaware
Improved health for my wife Ann.
249 359
Winchester, MA
Son finds a job, 
250 360
May the Holy Spirit guide her as she discerns the vocation to which Our Lord is leading her.
251 361
Theresa Williams
Mobile AL
for the good health and happiness of my children and the members of my family
252 362
Maureen B
New Zealand
Please pray for Mother General who we met on Sunday here in New Zealand as she travels around our zone of Oceania. Thank you
253 363
Judy B
Warrensville Hts, Ohio
Please pray for my two sons, one who had a traumatic brain injury & now has some problems resulting from this.Please pray for me to be able to pay off my reverse mortgage so I don't loose my house & so my son will have a place to live when I die.Thank You & God Bless
254 364
Sharon Rasmussen
St. Paul, MN 
Please pray for my grandson’s family. My grandson/wife are getting divorced. Please pray for the Hedin family. The father is going into prostate surgery. Please pray for me that I can be healed from chronic bronchitis. Please pray for conversion of hearts world wide to do God’s will. Please pray for our persecuted Christians and our church. Please pray for religious vocations to help serve in all areas of need.
255 365
Covington LA
All those battling cancer.   The victims of the Las Vegas shooting.    A special intention of my daughter.     Safety for my family 
256 366
257 367
Mary Lee Rossi
Aurora, CO  80016
Conversion of heart for all my children and grandchildren come back to the Church.
258 368
Barbara Lathrop
I will say a Hail Mary for vocations to you Congregation everyday. Please pray according to God's perfect will, that I will be a resident at St. Anne's in God's Time..Also for 3 special Intentions of mine....Thank You Jesus  and Mother Mary!
259 369
260 370
Diane Smith
Wading River, NY
Please pray my grandchildren, Titus & Avila, be baptized Catholic. Safe delivery & healthy baby for my daughter, Grace Ann (3rd baby). Thank you & may St. Jeanne Jugan increase your vocations. God Bless!
261 371
Vincent A.Sgier
For a peaceful & charitable heart.
262 372
Let us all pray for successful surgery for Dr.Eugene Healey on Friday October 6 at RI Hospital!     Please God,     St Jean Jugan pray for
263 373
My return to good health and for the doctors who treat me
264 374
King of Prussia Pa
Good health
265 375
P. H.
Mine Hill, NJ
That my cancer be cured.
266 376
Cambria, CA
Get rid of pneumonia
267 377
Bellevue, Washington
268 378
For Tom who has stage 4 cancer of the liver and lungs from a melanoma;For Linda who is battling breast cancer.
269 379
San Antonio
My brothers and sisters  and their conversion. That I may finish school. My mom get a good job and her health. Nieces and nephews and all children especially those hurting. Marriages and family
270 380
271 381
For my grand daughter Kristen, for my family to get back to church, for Linda& Leticía , also for my wife and also myself to stay healthyThank you  for the little sisters of the poorTo get more sisters
272 382
The perseverance of Fr. Jorge Ernesto Ubau in his vocation.
273 383
ROY & Diane Rotnofsky
Millsboro, Delaware
My severe health, which is getting worse by the day, please, please pray for me also my husband. We need so many prayers for our poor health.
274 384
Please pray for Susan.  She begins treatments this week
275 385
P.B. Hutchfield
For family to return to the churchFor departed loved ones -RIPFor health and peace of mind for all of us and our families.For the souls  in purgatory.For those who are ill and need a  return to good health.
276 386
Magnolia Springs AL
Please pray for my husband Rodney who has not felt well for months and the doctors can't figure out what is wrong with him, he needs some relief.
277 387
S. E.
Fairhope, AL
Return to the sacraments of 2 sons- Daniel & Joseph, away from the sacraments too long  and from Mass.For my brother estranged from me for more than 30 years...that his heart will soften.For the wonderful ministry of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
278 388
New Jersey
God bless my mom who lives with the Little Sistersin the Bronx.  Special prayers for my sister at this time.  St Jeanne Jugan pray for us!
279 389
Yorktown VA
for my husband to stop drinking
280 390
Pittsburgh,  PA
Appropriate employment for our sons.Return to the Church.Relief from mental illness in the family.Thanksgiving for a good marriage.Good judgment and safety.Good health.
281 391
Joe Selewicz
Sacramento, CA
Sr. Anthony's continued recoveryGregg Gilles recovery from heart surgeryRyan, Tyler, and Barbara Selewicz for a continued healthy life of service and generosity.
282 392
Yorktown, N.Y.
I will pray for the little sisters and the Great work you do for our elderly><>Please pray for me that I be healed from m.s..  and please pray for my 88year old dad Angelo.  Thank You and GOD BLESS YOU and the work you do 
283 393
Sciota, PA
Happiness for the lonely.
284 394
Yorktown, N.Y.
Bless you Little Sisters of the Poor, Please pray for my 88 year old Dad, Angelo and pray please for my health to be restored, and please pray for my husband Tom, and my children and grandchildren that our Lord Jesus Blesses them and keeps them healthy and safe+++
285 395
Baltimore, Maryland
elderly parenta friend who completed RCIA
286 396
Lisa rooney
Greenwich CT
For my elderly mother and mother in law as they face daily health and physical struggles
287 397
Sister Mary Bernard Wiecezak, CSFN
Monroe, CT
My recovery from revision knee surgery is going very slowly and is extremely painful.  It has bee 20 months and 4 operations now.  PLEASE PRAY FOR MY RECOVERY.  Thank you, dear Sisters.
288 398
Midlothian /Va
For Tom.
289 399
Sadhana  R
For My Son Shaun 
290 400
Please pray for good health!
291 401
Please pray for my brother Jim who had a traumatic brain injury that he may be able to walk. 
292 402
for courage to have faith that next phase in my life is what God wants for me
293 403
Chicago, IL
Please pray for my sister who's cancer has returned that she will be able to endure whatever pain and suffering may be in the future.
294 404
For health in body and peace of mind.
295 405
World peace 
296 406
Nancy Winchester
Rockville MD
 This time I am asking for myself. I have not felt well for much of the past two years, and doctors are at a loss for a diagnosis. Please pray for me that I get an accurate diagnosis and find relief soon. Thank you. Please also pray for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and the animals and people left homeless by our recent hurricanes. I am sure you are already praying for these things. God bless you. Thank you. 
297 407
Mary edsall
Dayton ohio
Please pray for my siblings that they will return to God and erase the evil feelings they have for each other.  Fill their hearts with the joy and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
298 408
Angela Rehrmann,  Joe Morrow & The Morrow Family
299 409
Charles Harvey
Hattiesburg, MS
My brother Charlie is battling cancer and has been given 1 to 2 months to survive.Thank you all for your prayers. A miracle is needed and can happen.
300 410
Pleas pray for my two dear brothers and one of my nephews.  One brother hasParkinson's Disease and one has MuscularDystrophy and so does his son.   
301 411
Phil Harvey
Hattiesburg, MS
Please pray for my brother Charlie who is battling cancer and has been given 1 to 2 months to survive. I know it will take a miracle but they do happen.
302 412
That my wife gets better so we can get back to living a good,happy life together.
303 413
Wayne, PA
For healing for my daughter both physically and spiritually. Thank you and may God continue to bless you - especially with new vocations
304 414
Frank B
Clifton, VA
In ThanksgivingLas Vegas VictimsFinancial success/stabilityDie in the State of Grace
305 415
Brigid Cannon, OP
Oxford, MI
Blessing on Nancy Rosborough.Peace and healing for all those people suffering from the massacre in Las Vegas and for the shooter.For all immigrants and refugees seeking a home. In gratitude for all God 's gifts.
306 416
307 417
Joanne Seale
Winchester, VA
Healing for my grandson, Caleb.Healing for the troubled marriages in my family.That my husband, Bob, will be healthy. 
308 418
Please heal my scalp free from skin cancer and my ear from the constant ringing.  Lay your hands over each one of us.  Keep us safe and free from harm.  Guide me as I make my new home purchase.  Love you mom, dad and rick in heaven.  
309 419
Financial success of my hisband’s project
310 420
Virginia Beach, VA
My two sons and their school work and grades.
311 421
Scranton ,Pa
Vocations, peace in the family for Tony and Ellen, back problems for Maria and Bruce,healing of Parkinson's for Bruce, protection and guidance for my children and grandchildren, strength for our Little Sisters for all you do,our priests,
312 422
Portland OR
Severely sick with COPD and vertebraeCompromised with pain
313 423
Carriere, Ms.
For vocations to the Congregation of The Little Sisters Of The Poor.
314 424
Denver, CO
For the repose of the souls of all innocent victims of natural disasters and terrorism. 
315 425
Tom Fields
Springfield, VA
Cure from cancer for our son, Brian---too young to leave his family.In thanks for Jeanne Jugan for showing patience when she was denied leadership of the organization she had founded.
316 426
Pray for peace in our country and that less fortunate will never be forgotten
317 427
Mary Bowles
Louisville, Ky.
Please pray for Jeff, a 51 year old with stage 4 cancer of esophagus and lining of stomach and also in lymph nodes. He is waiting to have a feeding tube put in as he only weighs 103 lbs. he is also having a port put in for chemo. They are waiting for his hemoglobin to go up and are giving him iron IV and blood transfusions. His mom is an Associate of Jeanne Jugan. Thank you,Mary BowlesCo ordinator AJJ
318 428
mark Francis
mentor ohio
Please pray for Mark, our son, and all those with addictions Thank you!!!
319 429
A wayward son , age 57 that cannot get a job.  Has no money.
320 430
Susan Pickering 
Carmel, IN
Healing for Jim who has Parkinson's, pancreatic cancer & memory issues.  For Al P. Who has recently found out his cancer has spread.  For Courtney C. who'slung cancer spread .
321 431
Anusha praveen
Pray for us me n my family should be happy and every1 should be happy and i should get a job by this month pray for it please
322 432
My friend lost her parents may their soul rest in peace and she is loving a guy make their love to be succes n cheerfull (my friends and family should be happy)
323 433
John Pierre-Benoist 
Tavares, FL
Ken Baker: carcinomic syndrome Lelia Baker: leukemia,  presently in remission with lifelong chemoMatilde Pierre-Benoist,  fibromyalgia,  lupus. RA, almost constant pain Jean-Louis Pierre-Benoist: depression with chronic unemployment, 4 children at risk
324 434
Me and my husband are working so hard make my life successful and let Jesus help us in future to make successful
325 435
Las Vegas, Nevada
Thanks to the Lord for all his blessings, and for the ability to recognize them in our lives, family, and friends.
326 436
Strasburg , Pa
Please pray for my granddaughter Brady who is 11 years old and has severe type 1 diabeties and a week immune system.
327 437
New Fairfield
Healing for LMH and DJH.
328 438
Gretchen Varnell
Baton Rouge
prayers for Gwen and Cary Fontenot. thanks
329 439
Las Cruces, NM
I pray all people who have been impacted by the hurricanes, earthquakes, famine, terrorists acts, random shootings throughout the States and World, the sick, homeless, hungry, victims of abuse and torture, the aging and lonely humans, and  the animals may find love, healing, peace, hope and faith in that God is with us and walking besides us  on this journey.
330 440
Frederick Abramek
Scottsdale, AZ
for my wife Joan;for the souls in Purgatory;for deceased members of the Abramek, Broderick, Sawicki and Nuttall families.
331 441
Let us pray for Mia penunuri to help her in her new journey with her catholic faith. God please guide and always protect this little angel of yours. Please Pray for her Mother Norma and fill her with endurance and faith to help guide her child. 
332 442
Hong Kong 
1. Pray for peaceful soul and healthy to all the aged. 2. May God give me wisdom and courage to encounter the coming challenge of change.3. Wish my family members are happy, healthy, peaceful in their entire lives.
333 443
S.G. & Son
Fighting CA & Drug Problems
334 444
David Kasmier
Vermilion OH
Please pray for my best friend Rob Milburn...he has a brain tumor and numerous other illnesses that cause him great pain...and please pray for the soul of my dear friend the late Sister Germaine Regina (Garrett) LSP who died on 10/1/2011 at St. Anne's Home in San Francisco, CA.
335 445
Las Piñas City
Pls pray for my Brother GERALD SIMPAO, sana po makauwi napo siya from Dammam Saudi Arabia, payagan napo sana siya ng employer nia, wala po sanang maging hadlang sa kanyang paguwi. lagi po kasi sinasabi ng employer niya na kailangan may kapalit siya bago siya makauwi. di naman po problema ng kapatid ko yun. sana po matulunngan kami sa pagdarasal. Salamat 
336 446
Patricia Chang
West Lafayette, IN
For the recovery of all those affected by the hurricanes and the earthquake in MexicoFor the recovery of all those injured in the terrible mass shooting in Las VegasFor the souls of all those killed in the hurricanes, the earthquake, and the mass shooting.  Please pray for their families. Please pray for my dearest friend, Catherine Lee, who has had very serious back surgery. Please pray for her full recovery and to be pain-free. 
337 447
For peaceful sleep of my grandson Collin.Complete recovery of friend Marie and my aunt, Anba Marie.For cousin and friend June who is confronting devastating illness. A miracle cure if God's will.Thank you
338 448
Margaret York
For the York family, children and their spouses and all the grandchildren. Please help us all live as faithful Catholics. 
339 449
Francia Vallejo
For the Vallejo family, that they remain united and close to Christ.
340 450
For Little Sister of the Poor that they may continue to serve in their mission, and for my daughter that she may pass her Board Exam 
341 451
Long Beach, NY
342 452
Mary Lawrence
Senior Housing for Elderly Self
343 453
Jobe dejesus
Virginia beach, va
Prayer intentions for my departed brother jobert bautista. May the Lord shower his soul with mercy.
344 454
Mary Patricia Keller
Baltimore, MD
For Mary and all of her loved ones may they find peace with God and his family.
345 455
Meghan Charlebois
Pittsfield, VT
May Mary Patricia Keller and her family find peace in God's hands.
346 456
Douglas Sidoti
Myrtle Beach , S. C.
For family members who are fighting illness , for friends who are fighting illness .  For turning our nation away from the evil that is embedded in it and turning it back toward being the Christian nation it once was !
347 457
Philadelphia, PA
For a safe labor and delivery of our daughter-in -law and granddaughter. Recovery of our nephew from a drug addiction.  Lord hear our prayer!
348 458
mieke bosch
peace love and respect for all
349 459
Stean Anthony
Please pray for my new book that it serve the love of God and peace in the world, working towards a bridge for healing on all coasts of the Mediterranean, God Bless LSP and thank you, amen
350 460
Denver co.
Pray for the health of Andrew & Laura Martinez, for the people suffering from addiction. the poor, the mentally ill and for the Little Sister'si of the Poor  their volunteers and all humanity.
351 461
Richmond, VA
For the health of my daughters and safe delivery of their expected babies.
352 462
Megan Flanagan
Littleton, Co
For Johanna Doran and all her family.
353 463
Kate Baschuk
Chevy Chase. Md
Please pray for my brother Kevin Kehoe who is being treated for stomach cancerThank you
354 464
Ruth Johannis
Pawtucket, RI
Please pray for my good friend Marcia O'Connor who will be undergoing surgery this coming Friday.  God bless her and all of the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Thank you  so much.
355 465
Clifton, NJ
Grandchildren return to the  sacredments.
356 466
for a better job, thank you, will keep you in my prayers also
357 467
Roseville ca
Vocations, family and our world situation.
358 468
Littleton, CO
Through the intercession of St. Jeanne Jugan and St. Joseph, please pray for all those who are lonely and feel abandoned.  May they hear the call to serve and find peace.  May God Bless The Little Sisters!
359 469
T. M.
Butler, Pa
For all those affected by the recent hurricanes and the tragedy in Las Vegas. Also for my wife Jane who suffers from demention and physical ailments and and myself who has heart desease.
360 470
Birmingham Al
The Lord to watch over  her.
361 471
Amariz Taaga
Pago Pago AS
Our sisters & nuns st sisters of the poor for their unconditional love and work. The sick, the poor, the weak, homelesss, oppresssed, unfortunate through natural disasters or the loss of a loved one, our very own men and women defending our way of life and promoting world peace as they leave their families behind for a greater cause, world peace, the pope and church leaders in our catholic communities and congregations, good health, healthy relationship with my family and may our hearts be filled with love for each other, job stability, success in our careers and for a better world
362 472
Allison Park PA
My son, Brett who is in drug withdrawal and his wife who is dealing with this along with 3 children, one a new born.Thank you.
363 473
streetsboro, ohio
for the conversion 0f my family and that we will be a better family love
364 474
St. Louis, MO
My Brother, Terry is very ill.  He has 28% breathing capacity, a staff infection in his leg and other issues.  Please pray that the infection will go away.  He will be 64 tomorrow Oct 4.  Thank you.
365 475
Edward Monaghan
Bensalem, Pa
366 476
State College/PA
For Amanda & children. She lost her 38 year old husband in a car crash on 10/3. They have six children.
367 477
Mary Ellen Anderson
Denver, CO
Mary Ellen is in the final stages of ALS "Lou Gehrig's Disease.  She probably only has days left.  Please pray for a peaceful transition for her; and for her family who will miss her greatly.  
368 478
Carol Dawe
Watertown MA
In Memory of my husband, William J. Dawe Jr., who passed away on Nov. 6, 2016.  We were married for 44 years and I pray he is in Heaven with God and our families.  I love him very much.  
369 479
Victress Jenkins
Phoenix AZ
Please pray for an increase in vocations, especially for more young women to hear the call of Christ to join the Little Sisters of the Poor. Also for members of my family who are away from the faith.
370 480
Evansville, Indiana
Please pray for Jacob as he needs a job for food and housing expenses, he is a college student. 
371 481
Cumberland r i
Good health'
372 482
grace m. walker
I pray now for the strength and power by Your Holy Spirit to obey Your Word.  I am God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which you prepared in advance for me to do.
373 483
Elgin Illinois
For conversation of our family and for my son who have  married problem
374 484
Kasey Wessells
Newark Delaware
For my wife Kasey and newborn baby Robert George Wessells in hospital.
375 485
R. James
North Olmsted  Ohio
376 486
377 487
midlothian va
please pray that my son and his wife will return to faith.
378 488
Centennial,  CO
Please pray for my daughter Andrea and her husband Colin, that they may return to the Catholic Church in faith and be blessed with the conception and delivery of a healthy baby. Thank you.
379 489
Memphis, TN
Please pray for my 90 yr old mother with dementia!!!
380 490
Gloucester, MA
Pray for my sister & brother-in-law for strength after a fire in their home. For my daughter who is going through a difficult time in her life may she have strength to endure & that she will turn to God for that strength
381 491
Clarion, Pennsylvania
World Peace and Good Health
382 492
for Rose and her discernment
383 493
Please pray for family members with addiction and anger. Please pray for peace in my family. Please pray for my grandchildren thank you
384 494
-that everyone gets to Heaven-for a nice day tomorrow (Oct.4)  for my 70th birthday & a wonderful decade
385 495
386 496
Nancy Witek
Arlington Heights, Il
diagnose - -  “Myelodysplastic Syndrome” 
387 497
Debbie D
Orlando Florida
Freedom from debt 
388 498
Rev. Sean Suckiel
Brooklyn ny
I will be offering Mass for Vocations for the Little sisters of the poor. 
389 499
Christine Wright
Rest In Peace and her family stay safe and grow strong 
390 500
San Mateo
For conversion of my husband and to go to every Holy Mass. Thank yoy 
391 501
Thesa Katnic 
San Pedro 
Please pray for the fast healing and recovery of my mother, Marilou Ortiz Ignacio, who is suffering from lung illness. She’s in Ramos Hospital in the Philippines right now. Please give her strength to continue to live so we may be able to spend more years with her. In advance, I Thank you so much for your prayers. I offer my whole family to you oh Lord Jesus Christ, AMEN! 
392 502
The souls of my deceased parents and other family members; the health and well-being of my husband and other family members; continued employment; the victims of the recent hurricanes/earthquakes and acts of violence; peace and end to violence.
393 503
Evansville, IN
Help Mary clean her house and feel at peace.
394 504
That this nation's children learn fear of God and love of country
395 505
Tiffany B
Spencerville ohio
Please pray for our daughter She's autistic and struggling right now..Ty be blessed and Have a great day...
396 506
For the family and friends of those killed in Las Vegas 
397 507
Pray for my continued good health as well as that of my family and friends, especially for Paul and Pat. For peace in the world, those affected by natural disasters, and for The Little Sisters wonderful good works and care of the elderly,  Thank you!
398 508
Kevin Lonergan
North Scituate, RI
Regina LonerganEdward  Lonergan,                   
399 509
400 510
Shirah Miriam "Mimi" Aumann
Springfield, Missouri
This month is 2 years I have been on waiting list for an apartment at Little Sisters/San Pedro, CA. It is in all my prayers as I wait but am asking God to open that door for me as I have no one here and a niece who lives in San Pedro. I want to be there with the Sisters so badly as my situation gets more dire where I am.  I am in low income housing but it is still so difficult to make it and so lonely without anyone close.  Praying for open door in His timing.   Thank you, Sisters, for praying with me...   Mimi   
401 511
Erica and Gale
Erica is having cancer surgery on her tongue. She needs prayers...Gale is having major health issues and needs prayers. Thank you so so much.
402 512
Scranton PA
to help heal my mom with her cancer
403 513
Toledo, NY, NJ, SF,AL
"No one can come to me unless the Father draws him"Please Lord draw these people to you so they may see you and accept you in  their hearts.You know their needs, I commit them to your care.
404 514
Healing for Wendy’s sister, safety for her nephew and peace for her family.
405 515
Please pray for my husband and his heart and that God will soften it.
406 516
please pray that I fully heal and return to the health I had 14 years ago and that my gum, teeth and bones not only but increase in density.also pray for my mother who is very ill that she may be herself again.please also pray that my mothers property is sold and the proceeds properly and fairly distributedThank you for you are in my prayers as well
407 517
please pray for me to find steady work, will keep you in my prayers also
408 518
Hollywood, Md
Please pray for my friend and me ...that we get through the surgeries and other health issues. So we may have the opportunity to pay forward the help and prayers being prayed for us.
409 519
Jane nolan
cary il
please pray for the family of Pat Valentine, He passed away last week and was a generous loving man and he will be missed on this earth, pray for peach for his 3 children and loving wife who cared for him during his 2 year battle against cancer. He is with out pain and pray for his family peace and comfort.  
410 520
robert moore
moooooble al.
that my back may be heled
411 521
Rhode Island
biopsy results showing benign growth
412 522
Hollywood, MD
For my son to be pure and to have determination in his studiesfor my children to find holy spouses and never lose there faith
413 523
chicago ill
To always keep the little sisters of the poor in our prayers so that they will continue to thrive for the next 225 years. AMEN
414 524
Newport Beach, CA
Please pray that a friend & brother in Christ can get on the waiting list for the Little Sisters of the Poor in Denver. Thanks. MC.
415 525
Staten Is., NY
Health and harmony for my four sons and their families - especially the eight babies.
416 526
Palatine, IL
Freedom from my panic attacks and anxiety disorder.  A job that brings back the joy in my life and uses the talents the Lord gave me. 
417 527
Lani & Zeke 
Fox Lake, IL
Prayerful intentions to honor St. Jeanne Jugan's 225th birthday and increase for vocations to the Congregation.
418 528
419 529
Prayers that my autistic son can phase out of his behavoiral issues.
420 530
Pray for my son who is fighting drug addition and for anyone that has this problem.  It is such a battle.  Pray that God gives them the inner strength to overcome the situation and live a peaceful life in God's image and likeness.
421 531
Rhode Island
I am having trouble regaining my balance.  I am 84 years old and had Vertigo in April, but I still have anxiety. I have had physical therapy.  I do have a walker and a cane, but sometimes I just freeze when I try to take a step, especially on even a small incline.  Please pray for me.  Thank you.  God bless all of you.
422 532
423 533
Sister Mary Carmella Greco, IHM
Immaculata, PA
Please pray for my priest brother, Fr.Anthony F.Greco, right now he's in ICU in Easton Memorial Hosp. Easton, MD.  He had an acute asthma attack followed by a very bad case of pneumonia.            My brother assister at your home when Fr.McKay was on a break a few yrs back. I was at de Sales Convent.
424 534
Denise Guy
Leonardtown, MD
Healing for my 4-year old nephew diagnosed this week with leukemia. He has a long road to recovery beginning with chemotherapy tomorrow.  Our hearts are heavy.
425 535
426 536
Michael Auer
Crofton, MD
Please pray that we will sell my mother's house and that the financial situation will work out.
427 537
Fairhope AL
For my marriage to be renewed and for God's guiding hand in raising my son to be a Believer and faithful follower of Christ. For my health too. 
428 538
Please pray to comfort the elderly who suffer the loss of their capabilities a little each day. May God Bless them with faith and acceptance knowing they are loved.
429 539
Huong Le
Dalat- Lam dong-Việt nam
Let Mẹ love Jesus whole my heart, whole my soul and whole Mỹ mind . And love Our Lady Mary  after Jesus.
430 540
Rhode Island
For the repose of the soul of my wonderful husband, Tommy, whom I miss so very much.  Thank you.
431 541
Newark, DE
Please pray for my sister Dorothy who has a brain aneurysm.
432 542
Pgh Pa
Complete healing for my wife Mary. Thank you Jesus
433 543
Children who don't practice their faith and getting married outside the Church.
434 544
Mary mohr
Monrovia, md
Rest in peace
435 545
jerry and Sonia
Continue the great work
436 546
Garry Manning
Prayers for strength, and healing.
437 548
Ocean Pines MD
Please help me to make the best choice for my daughter's future.
438 549
Ocean Pines MD
Please help me to make the best choice for my daughter's future.
439 550
Midlothian Virginia 
My mother who is battling Alzheimer's.  That she may be comforted with God's loving kindness during her many daily challenges. Thank you
440 551
Chris Borden
441 553
Howell, MI
442 555
Please pray for my beloved son Samuel, who passed away on 25 November 2014 aged 4. An innocent soul who fought hard all his short life, but it was a battle he was never going to win. He enriched all our lives and made us better people. A true angel. We are thankful every day for those 4 miraculous years. He lives on in our hearts.
443 557
Richmond, VA
Success of transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for Meghan
444 558
Tucson, AZ
For church leaders who push out all who are unmarried after after 30, by only welcoming families and youth to the parish at Mass. For Sisters who are well meaning but cause children of God to lose access to health care that they may need for true health reasons. To bring humanity to a place of love and truth. Lord, hear our prayer.
445 559
Please pray for my grandfather who isn't doing so well, he means the world to me and my family
446 560
Norfolk, Virginia 
I pray I will be admitted in your group.For unity and peace in my family.For the return to our Catholic faith of RIZAL.... This, I pray in Jesus mightily name....amen...
447 561
Washington DC
For the repose of the souls of Harry and Margaret Donohue
448 562
boston, ma
-For many vocations to the Little Sistera of the Poor.-For all of us to value everyone we encounter as the Little Sisters would.-For our country and for all countries around the world. That we be our best selves.
449 563
Concord, CA
For my wonderful husband who died on October 12, 2016 after a long and painful illnesss May he be in heaven.MAY YOU GET MANY VOCATIONS.Thank you.Pat Hersom
450 565
Mary Boncher
St. Charles, Illinois
That the HOly Spirit guide President Trump and his administration in restoring America; for an end to the negativity and violence in our country; that the Congress support our president in achieving his agenda and for an end to the shadow government that's doing its' best to destroy our beloved United States.
451 566
alochol recovery/ depression
452 568
Pray for 60 families
453 569
Michael Lener
san clemente, ca/
please pray for continued help and support for the poor. Thank you Lord
454 570
Charanjeevi Giri
Health, Happiness, Peace of mind, Mental physical strength to help and serve everyone who needs it.
455 572
The Grant Family
St. Paul
In thanksgiving for the protection of the Little Sisters of the Poor in law.
456 573
Michael Sharkey
Tuckahoe,N.Y. 10707
Please pray for the repose of all souls taken by a untimely death;that they may have had the opportunity towards a Beneficial confession of their mortal sins.May God have mercy on their unpreparedSouls.      
457 574
For Roman a 2 month old just admitted to hospital with terrible acid reflux and his blood work is out of sorts and very fussy. For the parents to be able to cope with all the stress . Much strength is needed
458 576
Dan Wynne
For the health & welfare of my daughters Melissa & Rita. For my personal health to improve.
459 577
Yonkers, NY
That my sister will find her way back to God, and find a way to care for herself and her family.  Thank you for your prayers.
460 578
Pray for my son,Michael, who took his life two years ago. Also, pray for my ten grandchildren and their parents.
461 579
Stella health
462 580
for my parents who passed away in August, 2016 & 10/7/17 & for all their family. 
463 581
Mobile, AL
Need assistance in finding employment
464 583
South Australia
For a lost generation who do not know God. For the elderly who are ignored & alone. For the strength to endure the pain of neuralgia as I cannot take pain killers as it makes me sick.For vocations to serve the poor & to thank God for your service. Praise God!
465 584
Barbara Koch
Family health & safetyWorld PeaceLogan
466 585
Nancy e
Please pray for my familyMy son KevinMy granddaughterGabrielle AbagailSkylarLynsayStephanAmenWe need prayer for strengthN sickness
467 586
Odin Abha Tirkey
West Bengal
Prayer so that I can shout to the Holy Trinity even when I am in deep sleep where evil tries to make me sin sexually.
468 587
San Juan Texas
-For my priestly vocation.-For the people in my parish.-For the youth and their purity of heart and body.-For My family.
469 588
Bangalore karnataka
Dear loving sisterMy name is Bethestha I am studying my 2nd year BBM DEGREE please pray for my 3rd sem exams in November I am very scared sister pls pray that I do well And also dear sister I feel no one is there for me I stopped believing in God also because my life situations have not changed I have been suffering from many problems many times I feel like ending my life also Please keep me in your prayers 
470 589
T. B.
Pray for peace and understanding with health issues & patience with family and caregivers
471 590
Marlena and Noah
Both of these children:that they be healed from mitochondrial disease.
472 591
Calumet City, IL
May the Lord get me through this time of medical issues.  My he intervene and instill in my 4 siblings the stress and hardships I have taking care of our 97 year old mother. They just turn a deaf ear when I talk about my failing health and the fact I can no longer take care of her.  I don't know where she can go, she is deaf in one ear and hearing is going in the other.  She has tried hearing aides four times and has returned them. Lord help me in my hour of need.
473 592
Mary Ann Vacek
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Lord, please open up a room for me to live in at St. Joseph Home with The Little Sisters of the Poor in Palatine, IL.   My money is running low ad all my savings will soon be gone.  I need your prompt answer now.  Thank you, Jesus! 
474 593
theresa rosen
la crosse, wi
(1) that I find an affordable place to live.  I've been homeless for 6 months.(2)  for a successful breast surgery (cancer) October 24.(3)  foremost: that my sons and their families return to the Catholic church, and that the rest of my family and friends whom have left come home.
475 594
Dave K.
omaha ne
Mom, Sylvia K. passed away in hospice house April  4 here in Omaha. she was 88 with a terminal cancer.I found a article of St. Jeanne Jugan she had cut out.
476 595
Susanna Meena Lobo
To get a good job so that I can help people in need.
477 596
We pray for good and holy vocations to priestly & religious life. Especially to those who are descerning that they may be lead to the will of GOD & be able to respond accordingly with great generosity courage and faithfulness. Amen.
478 597
Gene Schneider
Evansville In.
That he will have strength and health so he can live the rest of his days content healthy he’s a good person and caring heart. Thank you
479 598
Howard  & Barbara Davis
Dallas, Texas
Barbara Davis suffers from advanced Alzheimer's Disease and has resided in an assisted living care facility for 6 years. The financial burden of her long term care is extremely physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing on Howard Davis (her spouse). Please pray for comfort & peace for this couple. Thank you.
480 599
cincinnati oh
We need prayers to find a nursing home for my mother in law. She is currently in the hospital & we cannot care for her any longer at home because my husband & I work full time. I pray we can find a nice home for her. Amen
481 600
give me strength,courage,good health to me and my family.
482 601
Avenel, NJ
Please pray for my dad's health, he seems to be in deep depression. Thank you! 
483 602
For feeling stuck in the start of my desired career, for having anxiety over it all, for feelings of sadness, for staying in my room in my parents house too much and not giving myself to the world. Please pray I can CHANGE something to get out of this emotional funk and that a career opportunity of my choice will immediately present itself. God Bless You, God Bless Me. 
484 603
Katrina Beddoe
Malone New York
For all those discerning religious life especially those starting formation, that God may grant them clarity of mind and spirit. 
485 604
Crystal van Toor 
Deerbrook, WI
my family needs a prayer of courage, strength, love and endurance. We also need a prayer for safety as we Move from Wisconsin to Utah in 7 weeks. We have hope and now we also have you all on our side praying. ...Thank you for your time, with love, the van Toor's
486 605
Bath PA
For my husband who is suffering terrible back pain for 3 years; a dr. will finally come along that can reduce some pain!
487 606
Ron caminiti
For all the families of the victims of the Las Vegas shootings
488 607
Palatine, IL
For vocations, for peace in our world, for our family and that all of our children find their Catholic soul mate.
489 608
Emily Slusher
Baltimore, MD
I’d like to pray for my mom who is losing her job as the activities director at the House of Good Shepherd, she loved her job and loved working with the sisters. I pray she finds another job that she enjoys and loves just as much! I also pray for the sisters in their new locations.
490 609
Romeo O. Romasanta
Need blessings for my children and grandchildren.Thanks and God Bless.Romeo/Purita
491 610
I am praying to get my green card.
492 611
Louisville, KY
Please pray for all young girls that they may have confidence in themselves and a clear mind to see beyond the mirrors in front of them. That they do not get caught up in our petty, image oriented society to the point that they lose perspective of what is most important in this world - to bring joy and happiness to those around us through service - especially those less fortunate. Thank you!
493 612
Pahang, Malaysia
To pray for my mum...may she continue to be healthy, strong, and that she will always be strengthen and guided by God and may Mother Mary intercede too.
494 613
Irma R.
Please pray for our beloved Mother and Grandmother, Irma, who passed away on October 9, 2017 at 96 years old. 
495 615
family peace
496 616
Andrea Liceaga
Chicago, IL
For spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing and strength for Michael Emerson Deverman. That he may be freed from addiction and spiritual oppression. That he may have Our Lady's protection and guidance always especially regarding his future vocation, and that he will never go astray from the Catholic faith. That he may seek to make amends with or apologize to those whom he has hurt, intentionally or not.For the conversion of Ron Deverman and Mary Nolan, Cara and Mike Filipiak, Matthew Salvatore Coglianese and family, Emmett Ryan and family, Bryan Scheinkopf, Connor Bernhard, Anneliese Belmond and family, Preston Bradley and family, Jonathan Vincent and family, Danielle Featherstone. For Rachel Hipp and family, Melissa Drinnon and family, Michael Erickson and family, Brendan Hodges and family, Valerie Sagheddu and the healing of her brother Mike. For healing and grace for Sandra and Andréa Liceaga and family. For the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, and Quo Vadis Young Adults.
497 617
Mobile AL
My mother who has Alzheimer's 
498 618
Richmond, VA
Family will come back together Job situation
499 619
St louis mo 
Would you pray for daughter find a job she been looking for a long time . God bless
500 620
Jackie S
Washington DC
Please pray for Sheehan, Charteris and Riordan families, especially Daniel Riordan.Please pray for the safety of our family members as they travel.
501 621
Brian White
Jackson, AL
Pray for the salvation of my son, Chandler White, and his mother, Adrienne Bussey. Also pray that people will convert to the Catholic faith.
502 622
drexel hill pa
my family and friends who are fighting cancer, thank you
503 623
Please pray for my Mother who is a very low income Senior who is in need of a new place to live in San Francisco. 
504 624
Reading, MA 
Family healing and for the People who are suffering from all the Storm Related Tragedies and fires-Texas, Florida, The Caribbean, California, Puerto Rico  
505 625
Please pray for the world's oppressed. All humanity deserves a happy life.Amen
506 626
507 627
Huntley, IL
Dear Sisters,Please pray for our Light of the World retreat team as we prepare for our retreat and for the retreatants God is calling us to serve.Thank you so very much!
508 628
Donald Trump supports your organization publicly on the same day he removes health benefits for millions of impoverished americans. I pray for you and your organization should you not categorically denounce trump for his anti-christian behavior. I pray that god be with you if you don't. But we both know he won't . Good luck and I'm sorry for those you not in senior executive positions who have to get dragged through their desire for power over their pledge of compassion.
509 629
Raleigh, NC
Please pray for my mother, who broke her hip. 
510 630
Patricia Lee
Indianapolis, IN
I pray that The Blessed Virgin  intercedes for my children and helps bring them and my grand and great-grand children back to their Catholic religion.
511 631
Birmingham, AL
for Rochelle
512 632
Monica Geser
Elmhurst, IL
For the conversion of my husband, children, their spouses and my grandchildren
513 633
Joanna Asta
HoHoKus NJ
Please pray for the repose of the soul of Joanna Asta
514 634
My brother Arul has been missing for one year.please pray for him.
515 635
Downers Grove IL
1. For patience and strength, especially:a) For help overcoming my reluctance to part with the many, many things my parents collected in their home.b) For help clearing their home out so that we may sell it.2. For our middle aged friend Andrew who is in his first year of formation with one of the Franciscan orders.Thank you.
516 636
Eureka, MO
For my family and friends. Thank you
517 637
Amber tidmore in the healing of colon and liver cancer and skilled surgeons and physicians in upcoming surgery.
518 638
Lafayette, Indiana
For Susan Zook to be able to move into LSP soon is my prayer request or to accept God's will for her if that is not in His Divine Plan.
519 639
Prince Frederick, MD
Bless my daughter and niece in their new RN professions so that God is able to work through their hands in helping the sick and that they understand the gifts given to them to help make others lives better.
520 640
Mobile, Alabama
We give thanks for all that we have and continue to receive. I ask that God fill my womb with new life. Its been 4 yrs of trying ... Its God's will. 
521 641
For America, so that we can all listen and believe in our own hearts and God and live in a way to inspire others to value life, love and helping each other despite differences.
522 642
For the soul of my beautiful and kind mother who's birthday is remembered today October 15- Dorothy Zurawski
523 644
Dittmer,MO 63023
Balance issues causing me to fall. (81 yrs.)My sister, Janice has dementia -80 yrs.More vocations for LSP.Gratitude to Kate (Communications)
524 645
Peggy Spiwak
Merritt Island FLI
Ihave a new car and the instructions for driving it are very complicated.  This makes me very nervous and I say a Hail Mary time I drive so I will not hurt anyone or the car.  Pray for me 
525 646
Simoni lago 
For the health of my mother and a friend with cancer amen
526 647
Edna ojiemwen
Chicago il
Praying to God  almighty through virgin mary mother of God to help me with job so that i can take care of my little 19 months old twins daughters in Jesus name amen.
527 648
Edna ojiemwen
Chicago il
Praying to God  almighty through virgin mary mother of God to help me with job so that i can take care of my little 19 months old twins daughters in Jesus name amen.
528 649
for all souls in purgatory especiallly for the repose of the soul of Jose Corneza
529 650
Williamstown , KY
That my son will change his mind and not get a divorce I pray.
530 651
531 652
Mary Beth
Millsboro, DE
Healing of RA, anxiety and desire to form healing group at parish
532 653
Frances defazio
New york, ny
533 654
Pray for Lorraine Lange for a speedy recovery.
534 655
North Hollywood 
I ask for prayers for my dear grandmother Ms. Norma Douglas. That she will be treated with love and care during time of illness. I ask for prayers that she has peace of mind and spirit. May she not experience pain and may she know that her grandaughter Danielle loves her so very much. Thanks you so much for your prayers.
535 656
Sisters wedding 
536 657
Please pray for my discernment and for less stress/anxiety.  Thank you!
537 658
Brighton, MI
Please pray that the property in Milford will finally sell - lifting a major burden from my fathers shoulders.
538 659
Barbara Winans
San Pedro, California
Many years ago, I thought my life was in shambles when I lost my job due to the economy, but God had bigger plans for me, as I became a caretaker for others.  And when that became too much for me, my mother-in-law was admitted into your care at Little Sisters of the Poor in San Pedro, California.  Then, two years ago, my aunt applied for an apartment here at Little Sisters and we are still waiting for that day to come.  I worry about my aunt's health and safety, as she is far away in Missouri, and I can't take care of her.  I know that there are others in more need as she, but she is very talented and can help others to stay active and enjoy craft activities.  Please pray that a slot soon becomes available for her, here in San Pedro.  God bless you and God bless Little Sisters.
539 660
Washington DC
Vocations for the Little Sisters of the Poor and all religious communities
540 661
Sunnyside, NY
To discern the will of God and have the courage to follow it faithfully.For my brother's soul, who passed away April 1, 2017.For he grace of ahoy death.For end of all abortions.For the souls in purgatory.For the President and members of Congress to work for the good of the Nation and the American people.
541 662
Havre de Grace, MD
My father, siblings and deceased twin brother.
542 663
Margaret Lam
San Jose, Ca 
Please pray that my brother-in-law gets in touch with us so that we know he is alright and if he needs a home let him know he can depend on us to take care of him until he finds a place he is comfortable.  Jon B Lam please contact your sister-in-law Margaret
543 664
Praying for vocations. Please continue to pray for me to improve my Job situation.
544 665
Baton Rouge, LA
for my health as I am living the passion.
545 666
My hip so I can avoid surgery.A home for Niko.Health for Nathan.
546 667
Broomfield, CO
Healing of my health problems.
547 668
Landsdale, PA
For Stephen and Jeff to find employment.Jessica's health.For Belle and Brayden to adjust to all the changes.
548 669
Mobile, AL
I am asking for prayers for my daughter who is trying to get in the college of her choice.  She has had a life long dream of going to this specific college and is falling a little short of the required ACT score.  Thank you so much and God Bless!
549 670
Dear Sisters, please pray for me and so many loved ones desperate for healings, thanks and God bless, Mary
550 671
Fishers.  IN
Just want you to know that I pray daily for the Little Sisters of the Poor for all locations around the world for Vocations and all Resources needed as they show the example of how elderly and poor should be taken care of especially end time. My prayers have been done for several years and will continue.  God Bless
551 672
St Paul, MN
For my general health, which seems to be deteriorating due to Agent Orange.The health and welfare of all my family, friends and associates.
552 673
Ron Bender
Berkley, MI
To find a wife and have a family
553 674
I wish for everyone to stay happy. Thats all you need in life
554 675
Alexandria VA
Please help us ask the Blessed Mother for vocations to continue this wonderful work.  Please pray for my wife's family to help wth increasingly dire senior financial,problems.  Thank you and amen.
555 676
Annie Varghese 
For the need of one bhk house of my own, a job which helps me and to help others who are in need of. 
556 677
please pray that my mother's hip heals without having a hospital stay and that she has a clear mind.Please also pray that my gum surgery is  very successful and that I did not damage them is any wayThank you!                                                                                                                                                                                           
557 678
Jo Angeles
Dear Mama Mary & St. Jeanne Jugan,Thanks for the blessings that we received everyday.Please pray for our financial needs and to have a better life for my brothers, Froilan and Rhoel to become a good person believing God and safe for my Brother Manny.Please pray for our health in our family, Lito, Jo, Jillian,Jeana,Jomar, Xander and Remy.Thank you so much.Jo
558 679
Bala. ch
i seek blessed mother mary's blessings for the GRACE to pray the holy rosary and save souls from pugatory.sr.bala.
559 680
Sr. Anne Majella
Glasgow Scotland
Please pray especially for Lorraine and her family. They have family problems.Lydia asked for a special prayer that Pierre Guillaume recieves his Visa.Many other prayers confided to the intercession of St. Jeanne Jugan Thank you.
560 681
Wethersfield, CT
Please pray for my Uncle Bobby Jasminski that is bravely fighting mesothelioma back in my home state of CT.  God bless us all.
561 682
Louisville, KY
Bring grandaughter home safely ASAP.
562 683
In Thanksgsiving to God for all He has done for us! Good health/happiness/financial security/career success for Rob and I.  That Rob answers the call to the diaconate.  
563 684
Barbara Samuells
Dix Hills, NY
For the protection and success of the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor and for all the elderly whom they nurture and love.
564 685
James Mullin
Earlevill, MD
To reconnect with an acquaintance. 
565 686
Olivia Mullins
Mechanicsville, VA
For continued healing from anxiety 
566 687
Lebanon Tn
My daughter is on drugs and my wife and I had to get custody of our 7 yr old granddaughter and 13 month old grandson. Please pray for my daughter and grandchildren.Thank you!!
567 688
Jillian Harden
Hastings, Nebraska
Family and Friends
568 689
Deb Neal
Hillrose colo
From my four children to be blessed prosperous successful and for especially my second oldest to be Breaking Free of addiction
569 690
Dear Saint Jugan, Please Bless and heal Deana's eyes that she doesn't have or ever get macular degeneration in her eyes. Please Bless and heal her angles that they never close and the pressure in her eyes stay low. Please Bless and heal the wave in her one eye to go away and be healed and not get any bigger or cause site problems for her.  Please heal that the Drusens go away and she doesn't get any more or that they get any bigger. Please Bless her that she can gain her weight back she lost. Please Bless and heal her eyes. Please pray for us Saint Jugan.
570 691
Cure for serious back problem. Thanks.
571 692
Dover De.
A prayer for the little sisters of the poor and for my faith to grow  and my health improve
572 694
573 695
new york
Pls pray for my sister Diane's impending surgery; that our gracious Lord watch over and protect her and bring her to a full and healthy recovery.Thank you
574 696
Deacon Ernest Scrivani
North Haven, CT
For the return of my son and his girlfriend to the faith
575 697
Return to the Catholic of all my Family MembersSalvation of all soulsSpiritual, physical and mental well being of all my family memebers
576 698
Nicholas Sinsigalli
Enfield, Conn.
please pray for my wife's, brother Joseph LaPierre , he has just lost his wife Betty and Has a problem with his lost,
577 699
Potomac, MD
Pray for my husband to find a new position as he enters the next stage of his career.  
578 700
Fr J K
Cobb Island MD
for special intentions
579 701
West Lake OH
Tom & Jeane, keep them safe from all harm. For Linda, Harr, Scott & Martha.
580 702
Newport, Mn
Prayers for my mother
581 703
Don, Alice, Bud Schroeder
Falls Church, VA
In repose of their souls.
582 704
Carlisle, pa
Good health for my family
583 705
Caring for elderly mother
584 706
lola difrancesco
brooklyn,new york
please say a HAIL MARY for my children mark difrancesco and debra difrancesco. thank you and god bliss you
585 707
west chester oh
Protect her and give her the strength to defeat the evil forces in her life.
586 708
Diana Laveena D'souza
I want to become like St. Francis of Assisi. I already decided to lead a life of poverty, chastity. Also I want to preach the gospel (spreading love and mercy of God) and baptize them in the name of father, son and holy spirit. I don't want to take bag, purse even shows when I spread the gospel.
587 709
Diana Laveena D'souza
I want to become like St. Francis of Assisi. I already decided to lead a life of poverty, chastity. Also I want to preach the gospel (spreading love and mercy of God) and baptize them in the name of father, son and holy spirit. I don't want to take bag, purse even shows when I spread the gospel.
588 710
The Long Family
Gibsonia, PA
To give comfort to the Family of Joseph Long who passed away on October 20.
589 711
Bernard Donohue
Levittown, PA
for a return to health to continue working
590 712
Broomfield CO 
For my cousin who died after a long journey fighting cancer. May Tom rest in peace. 
591 713
San Francisco
592 714
Joanne Piezonki
Kent, OH
Robin Webb, my daughter, in Tennessee is in constant pain due to an abdominal/scar tissue/nerve problem.  Please pray for a miracle healing of this area.  May Godspeed and God's blessing upon all there.
593 715
Tom and John
Holy Mary , Mother of God, please pray for my dear brothers, John and Tom, now and from the moments of their death. Amen.,
594 716
Jarriet Ting
Clovis,  CA
Praying for the gift of children and guidance and strength for family.
595 717
Akron, Ohio
Pray for my husband to soften his heart, stop his affair, return to our family and healing of our marriage. Pray for my children
596 718
Glen and Daureen
Wakefield RI
Healing and the courage and grace to go on.
597 719
Deerfield NY
Prayer for successful surgery on Thursday for my son.     Thank you
598 720
Louisville Ky 
Health and for the souls of my family 
599 721
New York, NY
A healthy and smooth delivery for my twins, at just the right time
600 722
mobile al 36695
Please send a prayer for us to find a place for Mama 
601 723
New york
Today is the 42nd anniversary of my infant son Richard's death...kindly pray for his sole and that of his sister Kristin who passed in 1974.Thank you
602 724
I Pray for every one that i love. I Hope that they'll always be happy and healthy and hopefully we could further enhance our thesis study and that we may pass our thesis defense this coming november
603 725
Norma Jean
Pittsburgh PA
May she find peace, courage and strength as she battles brain cancer and may she find a place to live where she receives compassionate, loving care.
604 726
Theresa Roscoe
Largo, MD
I am asking for agreement in prayer for a terrific paying position since my current position is ending on this Friday October 27, 2017.
605 727
Mike M.
Minneapolis, Mn
For back and nerve pain. God bless you!
606 728
columbus nj
that I too may continue to serve the poor through belonging to SVdP Society
607 729
Kathleen McAndrews
For good health for myself and my family
608 730
Niles, IL
Please pray that my mother with find peace as she suffers from dementia. Please bring her some joy.
609 731
New Orleans
Blessed me, Mother Mary; and please pray and intercede for me, that my life be fruitful, that my life be changed from a tasteless piece of macaroni to a tasteful meal of God's choice, and to believe that God knows me, loves me, and has a plan for me, too. Through the intercession of Ste. Jeanne Jugan, I pray. Amen 
610 732
Edinburgh UK
1) Please pray for the little sisters of the poor in Edinburgh, Scotland. That they get more vocations and enough funding to stay open and not need.to go ahead with the St Joseph house closure.2)Please pray for more priests, monks and nuns ( more religious vocations).3) Please pray for  all my requests  and needs ,spiritual and temporal . Financial circumstances improvement, health, safety , family , marriage. . 4) The conversion of sinners, holy souls in Purgatory, priests, the Pope and world peace. Amen
611 733
Mark J. Romero
Pascagoula, MS
For all my deceased family, friends, and relatives.  My wife and children.
612 734
Apalachin, NY
Please pray for the Pope, the USA, my family/friends, my husband's family/friends, and for conversion of our family/friends.Thank you!  You are in my daily prayers!
613 735
Herndon, VA
Please pray that my brother will get the help he needs to heal his pain, and regain his life. 
614 736
Sister T.L.
Tobyhanna PA
Blessings my children and I are in need of beds we have no beds to sleep on or dressers to place our clothes. We need living room furniture and please pray for vehicle. Pray for financial blessings, health, my mother who suffered a massive stroke, sisters, brother pray for the world, nation, even our enemies. Pray for peace, unity, love, homeless my children and I was there no place to go. Praise God for the blessings we need beds, furniture, thank you and Blessings to you all. Also to be debt free owe no man nothing but the love of God
615 737
William Slevin
Denver, Co
Just received pacemaker.  Dementia complicating recovery.
616 738
Please pray for David, my nephew.   He needs to get a job. He is very depressed.Thank you.
617 739
My son is in 12th and request prayers that he scores well in examsMy sister's son  is 7 years and still not speaking. Please help him speak. 
618 740
Prayer request:   Please pray for all the elderly people of Little Sisters of the Poor..Home and Please pray for all the mothers, sisters and the people who are rendering their  esteemed service to the elderly people of the Home.      With lot and lot of respect...
619 741
Mobile, AL
Please pay for the souls of John Edward Busby and Kathleen Randall Johnson
620 742
Mary L. Sorensen
Warren, NJ
For my son Chris.  
621 743
E R Crame
Seattle, WA
For my Mother, Josephine C Crame
622 744
For the health of my sister and brother-in-lawFor my daughters, that they may come to peace with each otherIn thanksgiving for my blessings
623 745
Diane Halbert
St. Louis MO
A cure or no major complications for my 8 yr old grandaughter, Tessa, who has kidney disease.  St. Jeanne pray for her.
624 746
Patricia Sayre
Cincinnati, OH
that my family members grown closer to God
625 747
pittsburgh pa
First for the gift of faith and belief in God to return to my son and others.  and 2nd I am at a change point in my life so for guidance in my next steps as I recently lost my job of 22 years.  Hoping the next job has the ability where I can be of better service to mankind. Thank you as always for your good work. 
626 748
627 749
Pittsburgh /PA
Please pray for daughter and son in law who were just told this week that K will probably never be able to give birth to a child.  She is having numerous medical issues. 
628 750
Financial stability and good health for my co-worker
629 751
Philadelphia, Pa
Income needed to payoff my mother's debts after passing. God Bless you!
630 752
Robert Cenek
Berwyn, Illinois
Comfort and mercy is his battle against cancer
631 753
Cathy Donohoe 
Fresh Meadows/NY
For  my daughters that they  utilize their many gifts for His glory. Again that they come back to the church and embrace its teachings. For Catherine to meet a man of God who she could plan a future with. For my family that we stay healthy, For my niece Kelly, 24yo who was just diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Fir her full recovery and for her parents ability to  always offer her hope. 
632 754
Matthew Tingle
Skokie, Illinois
Mercy as he works through his autism.
633 755
Richmond VA 
Please pray for my sister, Susan, who is very ill with COPD. Thank you for your prayers
634 756
Daughter & grandson recovery from cancer diagnosis.   Grandson diagnosed with ADHD having problems with his school work.  Son having severe vision problems
635 757
Please pray that all test takers ace their tests today. 
636 758
Millersville, MD
Please pray for our 3 year son, Matthew Anthony, who has a significant motor speech disorder.  He so desperately wants to talk and is working hard to do so.  Please pray for him!Please also pray for our 5 month old daughter, AvaMarie Grace.Please also pray for my elderly parents - my Mom is bed-bound - so that they remain with us as long as possible so that they will be a part of our children's lives.God bless. 
637 759
Maria Ann 
Mobile, Alabama
My daughter Elizabeth Ann spiritual Conversion and mental healing.
638 760
Bobbie Hartley
Mobile, Alabama
Improvement with my health, and for my children to return to the Catholic Church. Also for a negative report for Breast Cancer. Thank you in advance Jeanne Jugan for prayers answered. Also for all Little Sisters, all residents, volunteers, and AJJ members. 
639 761
Kim Sim
Scranton PA
for: the little sisters of the poor that they can continue to always provide care for the elderly poor.for:  my daughters, that they may find satisfying and happy lives...free of the illnesses that have plagued them so far.for: my husband.  that he be fulfilled in his life with us.  happy and content. always.Amen.
640 762
-financial help for my cousin-healing from addiction for Kevin-negative biopsy results for husband-Mary's help for our nation
641 763
Clifton Park, NY
Healing prayers for my entire family
642 764
Kansas City KS
Please pray for my sons.  They are filled with anger and pride and hate.  They were once sweet angels.
643 765
Marilyn Cooper
St. Paul MN
3 adult children:ValerieCurtCarl
644 766
Dick & Jeannie Hicks
Inverness, Il
Please pray for our son Matt who is going through a difficult time in his life.
645 767
Chicago, Illinois
Please pray for a special intention of mine.Thank you. Let's say a Hail Mary together.
646 768
Please pray that I may be reunited withmy son in the USA.
647 769
Good job and financial help.
648 770
Fred Kula Jr
World peace.
649 771
Dear sisters. Please pray for my adopted adult son, Danny,who struggles with many issues. My prayers are with you and for you on this very special day. Love and prayers 
650 772
Sharon Rasmussen
St. Paul, MN
The grace to love one another as God loves us, for peace and conversion of all hearts, for the elderly, our families, end to abortion, for our Christian faith, all religious and laypeople, our government leaders, refugees globally, the holy souls in purgatory that we may surrender and serve the will of our loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
651 773
Nicholas Manzi
North Haven, Connecticut
Please intercede with a prayer to Mary, Mother of God to assist my daughter in obtaining a job on Thursday October 26th, 2017. She is interviewing with a company on that date. Thank you precious Little Sisters of the Poor
652 774
Whitestone, NY
That all may treasure God's gift of Life,honor His love by recognizing it's span in this pilgrim world is from conception to passing into eternal life in His time.  God bless all of my family, those here and those in Heaven.
653 775
Please bless our family with peace and understanding. Protect us all and give us guidance.   Amen
654 776
Falls Church VA
Please pray for a husband, I like this guy named Roy, but only if it is GOD's will let it work our for us to get married. Or please ask Jesus to send the right person who HE wants me to marry.    I am also praying for a new job in the Federal Government.  I promise if these intentions are granted by our Heavenly Father, in JESUS name,  I promise I will donate a lot of money to The little Sisters of the Poor. I am praying for all the intentions of all the Little Sisters of the Poor.          
655 777
Bellevue, Washington
For the good health  of  my  entire family and for more financial  blessings.
656 778
Please pray that my five children and nine grandchildren have a relationship with God and the blessed Virgin Mary in this life so that they can have one with all of them in the next life.  Thank you.
657 779
Brooklyn NY
Prayer for my sister Rosemary McKenna who lives in the Bronx is 55 years old and needs job. She is the granddaughter of Matilda Ryan who the Sisters cared for at Holy Family Home in Brooklyn during the 1960's-70's. Also prayers for the Sisters and those in your care. You do a great job.
658 780
For my husband's and my baby that is due to be born sometime June 2018. 
659 781
Natrona Hts.
For a negative cancer diagnosis. Thank You.
660 782
Margaret Conboy
Greenwich, CT
That i have a wonderful, happy, loving  relationship with Richard Patterson - that we love each other, care for each other and are always there for each other and eventually get married -that it is the happy and loving relationship that we have always desired - success at workhealth, happiness and success for my parents (Josephine and Kevin Conboy), my brother (Jeremiah Conboy), myself and Richard Patterson 
661 783
Ellington ct
Help me to make the right decision about my medical problem & for surgery to be successful. Thank you.
662 784
please pray for the healing of my daughter heather. thank you....
663 785
Blue Springs, MO
For the health of our daughter Heather and her recovery from addiction.
664 786
sheelagh martin
bronx new york
God's Blessings on all Friends of St. Jeanne Jugan.  May we all be blessed with the same love and devotion as She when respectfully caring for  the elderly.  May we all  follow Her example and apply Her teachings  in our daily life. Please God help us make a  meaningful difference in the life of a Senior. 
665 787
Michael Ashenuga 
Boston, MA
My daughter Cecilia as she prepares for her school entrance exam next week and for succesful completion of the  tests.My father-in-law as he adjusts to life in retirement community.Health and safety of parents and family.Continued development of my son as he works to learn with his special needs.My wife’s writing.
666 788
Phila. PA
my husband's diagnosis to be favorable
667 789
Sciota, PA
Acceptance of my husband's death and overcoming the loneliness I feel!Thank you.
668 790
Raffaele Ferraioli
Eastchester ny
May the holy spirit continue to bless your ministry
669 791
Kathleen Wittenberg
Brookfield, IL
Please pray for the soul of my husband, Dean Wittenberg, who died suddenly last month, leaving his life on earth.  Please pray that he will live in eternity with our Lord.  
670 792
North Wales, PA
for health
671 793
Linda J. Setti
Please pray for Jeanne R. Calise
672 794
Mary Ward
Chicago, IL
For conversion/baptism of my niece, Elizabeth Howard.Conversion of nieces & nephews, Billy, Daniel, Kate & Kelly. For conversion of Rupert WardFor the souls of David Ward, Steve Howard, Joanne Doyle, Ted Phillips, Ron & Patricia Ringenberg.Thank you.
673 795
Massapequa Park/New York
Please pray for my adult son Tim as he decides a critical decision.  He wants to pursue his studies but needs a job in another state to achieve it.  Please pray for our health, physical and spiritual. Many thanks
674 796
Mary edsall
Dayton ohio
Please pray for my brothers and sisters that they remove the hate and bitterness they have towards each other and return to God and follow him.  May God touch their he as hearts and fill it with love and joy
675 797
Irene Gallagher
McKeesport, Pa.
676 798
That my elderly neighbor will remain under the protection and care of Jesus, Mary and St. Jeanne Jugan. Thank you.
677 799
Daughter's career direction.Financial stability.XO
678 800
Richmond, Va
For the recovery of Ann’s brother
679 801
Joyce Brady
Westfield, Indiana
Please pray for all the members of my family. Some have fallen away from the faith, some have serious health problems, some are raising children alone as the husband has abandoned them. I will say a Hail Mary for more vocations and success n caring for your guests. Thank you, Joyce Brady
680 802
pittsburgh  pa
that my 2 grandchildren will be baptzied
681 803
Frank Gerloff
My Brother Don is fighting ALS and needs prayers for  a healing miracle. 
682 804
Mar Ann
Downers Grove, IL
Please help me get all the medical tests done for my admission to St. Joseph Home.
683 805
For my son to be freed from anxiety, depression, obsessions and anger.For the reversal of my sister's late stage pancreatic cancer and her complete recovery.
684 806
please pray for my brother John Leach who passed on Oct 4 at age 54.
685 807
Co Mayo Ireland 
Please sisters pray for a relative and three friends received chemo .and for family health and peace.may you enjoy a happy day and thank you for rlthe great work you do for others ...I've seen your sisters at work in Dublin Ireland .bless them.and I'll say Hail Marys for you and all congregations.  
686 808
Linda B
Livermore, CA
Please pray for the sale of my house in VA, for the physical and mental strength to get through my day, and for my heart to be open when God gives me the next opportunity to serve him.
687 809
Ellen Hall
Denver, CO
To ease help her survive cancer again with as little pain as possible / to die with dignity. Bless her soul.
688 810
kenneth adams
palatine, IL
Family Conversions
689 811
Ofelia Tabora Catbagan
San Mateo , California 
Please Lord conversion of my family. And for my own discernment... how to serve you better now that I have fully retired.  And for a special someone who needs divine help in discernment as well.
690 812
Sea isle city, nj
For the uncomplicated delivery of my daughters baby
691 813
Niceville, Florida 
Successful surgery for me on Friday and speedy recovery.  Also healing and God's peace for my son, John, whom I take care of.
692 814
Pittsburgh, PA
That our two daughters meet the right man to share their lives with very soon
693 815
Philadelphia, PA
For a easy delivery of our granddaughter and a healthy labor for our daughter in law. Lord hear my pray
694 816
The Sullivan's
Harrison, New York
Please pray for my husband Paul. That God will relieve his sciatica pain and cure what is causing it. And that our son, Sean, will be a person of faith. Thank you.God Bless your mission.  You took wonderful care of my grandmother, Lillian Case and my uncle, Msgr. Vincent T. Case.
695 817
Angelo Morello
Please pray for Angelo,  
696 818
Philadelphia, PA
For the newly departed souls of MM and CD, may they be with God today and in peace. For their families and love ones that God will fill their voids with his graces and and peace. Lord hear my prayer. 
697 819
That her new treatments will help in getting her into remission once again. 
698 820
Kathy Jones
Howell, Michigan
Prayers for the Zielinski family and the  Jones family and for the souls of  those who are no longer with us from each family.
699 821
Aguirre family
Littleton/ CO
Health and wellness to its members
700 822
Family's health 
701 823
Healing of my pituatary gland and thyroid that were damaged due to a brain tumor
702 824
Rosemary bolinski
Newark, DE
Heal our family from the loss of Michael Bolinski, husband, father, son and brother. 
703 825
Newark, DE
Heal our family from the loss of Michael Bolinski, husband, father, son and brother. 
704 826
SS, Md
Prayers for Jenna Miller Burns and Family.God Bless!
705 827
Maureen Espinosa
San Mateo, California
Please pray for my friend, Mary Kay, who is 62 years old and is fighting colorectal cancer that has spread to her liver and lung.  The spots are small, but the chemo is no longer working after a full year.  Her rectal cancer is gone, but unless immunotherapy works for her the remaining tumors will continue to grow.  Please pray for a full recovery.  She is a wonderful woman with an amazing husband and daughters, and my best friend since the age of 4.  Thank you for all you do, and God Bless You, especially on the 225th anniversary of St. Jeanne Jugan's birthday!
706 828
John N. and his dad
Philadelphia. PA
for our healing, and strength and that of our loved ones and all the poor.  Let us be rich in spirit
707 829
That my children and their children be active members of the Church.
708 830
Birmingham Al
Pray for good mental & physical health.
709 831
Barbara Lathrop
Capitola,  CA
Please pray for the Healings that I prayerfor when I prayed to Saint Jugan  my Hail Mary to her,  if it be God's Holy Will, that I will be a resident at Little Sisters of the Poor - in God's time..please provide for my needs until I am a resident, God in Heaven  with Saint Jeanne Jugan.
710 832
Ira and her familyPaul
711 833
Potomac, Maryland
Please pray for Christina, my daughter, that she finds her way and accepts the Holy Spirit into her life.
712 834
Carol Ann Walton
Mendocino, California
Successful reunion for my adult grandson, Peter, with his twelve year old son, Kurtis.  Also, a larger home for us with fewer stairs.Prayers for the Little Sisters of the Poor around the world, but especially at St. Anne's Home in San Francisco.
713 835
Littleton, CO
Please pray for the most vulnerable, the sick, the elderly poor and the unborn as well as for my family, especially my children.
714 836
Deanna Hart
PVB Florida
For the success of my surgery on Friday, my son’s success in optometry School, a solution to my daughter’s dizziness. Thank you
715 837
Diane Bocchio
Warwick, RI
That my husband.doesn't get pneumonia anymore. That my daughter stays free of cancer.  That I regain my strength soon.  What my son stays in good.health...Thank you.
716 838
joan volpe
south salem ny
The health of my cousin Gerard Brennan. The health of my daughter kerry.
717 839
Lafayette NJ
Please find a way for me to go to Lourdes and Fatima with my parish this spring
718 840
Broomfield, Co
Prayer for Richard, my husband's successfulsurgery.  Special intentions for all our family. 
719 841
May God bless all of you who care for the elderly. We pray for new vocations to carry on the good work.
720 842
Slidell, LA
Pray for my family to grow closer to God and Mother Mary and to each other & forgive each other; Pray for my nieces and nephews to return to the Catholic Church. Pray for me to trust God and surrender to His Will.  I pray for you!
721 843
Ellenjane and Bob Pitman
722 844
Paterson, NJ
Please pray for my friend Olga who is not well that she begins to heal and feel well real soon.   Thank You
723 845
Paterson, NJ
Please pray for my husband that he gets some help with his pain and walking.Thank you
724 846
Broomall, Pa,
Please remembe us.  Please send to us the grace of peace and strength that we may follow the path we are given and bring to others that which has been shared with us.  Thank you.
725 847
My grandchildren, my eyes
726 848
For healing of wounds a strained relationship has caused. May anxiety cease, the truth be revealed, & Christ’s love overcome the darkness.
727 849
Pittsburgh, PA
Health improvement for my sister DoloresPatience for her sons.
728 850
Evansville, IN
Jacob is a young man going to college  in need of a job for food and shelter expenses. He is personable and polite and he likes meeting new people.
729 851
wilton ct
for allmy friends and family that we stay safe happy and healthy and an end to all the hatetred in the world all the violence 
730 852
frank McNerney
i'm requesting prayers for caroline McNerney who passed away on june 8th.2017.
731 853
New York
That our grandchildren will reconcile with their Mother and respect her as their Mother.
732 854
Albion, RI
Praying for world peace and for stricter laws against animal abuse. Praying for my Miranda and all of my loved ones in heaven.
733 855
For my daughter on her 47th birthday.May she be under Mother Mary’s mantel and our Lord’ s protection.
734 856
Margie Enverso
West Chester Pennsylvania
For Meghan that she may enjoy her teenage years and live a long and happy life. Please don't let her get any more tumors. Let her grow strong and healthy. Bless her family who watch over her.
735 857
John Paul Maye
Please pray for my friend, Gorden Jarratt, who is undergoing treatment for brain cancer. He is only in his mid-50's and has a wife and ~15 year old daughter. Thank you,John Paul Maye
736 858
New Vernon. nJ
Health for me & my family. Peace in the world
737 859
John Reing
1.  That my son Danny will return to the Catholic Church and practice his faith daily.  If it be God's Will, let Danny's example of living his Catholic Faith convince his girlfriend to return to the Catholic Church.2.  That my psoriasis will get under control with the right medical treatment.  I ask that my body not be continuously racked with infections.
738 860
Bellflower CA
Please pray for my brother Juan Luis who is a lost person living his life without gods direction. Please give him the guidance to see that only god will help him through these difficult moments he’s in 
739 861
Mary Mohr
Monrovia, Maryland
That she rest in piece
740 862
I would appreciate prayers for a job. I took care of my mother for three years and invoked Jeanne as our Patron. Now, my mother passed this year and I need a new job within the next few months.  I have been looking at all types of employment and am having no success.  Thank you and God bless+
741 863
Atlanta, GA
Please pray for S Ye to return to good health
742 864
San Clemente, CA
Pain relief from injuries received in auto accidentHelp in finding a job due to being laid offGod's mercy and graceFor anyone suffering from the above circumstances 
743 865
Naperville IL
Pray for good jobs that fit our skills/talents, faith/values and finances do that we can keep our Christ centered family together and send our children to true Catholic schools to continue their faith formation.
744 866
Help me with my health, Help my family to get back to church, help all those who have cancerHelp and be with Kristen
745 867
Michael, Corrine, Kathy
Philadelphia, PA
Mental and physical health
746 868
Victor T
Eastvale CA
Please pray for my sister Angela who has cancer in her kidneys and a heart condition. That God may grant her healing both body and spirit.For My sister Mary who has 50% heart function that God may increase her heart function.For my daughter Mardy and her husband Andrew that God may touch them and be close to Him in their married life.For my daughter Rica who is a special child that God may sustain her in her struggles and provide for her in her future.For myself that God may provide us the means to sustain our family life in body and spirit. Thank you for praying for these and God bless your ministry
747 869
Bailey Family
Indianapolis, IN
God's Holy Will for the Bailey family
748 870
Victress Jenkins
Phoenix Arizona
For an increase in vocations to the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Those who join will share in the wonks of this wonderful order.For the protection of the elderly, disabled of all ages, and the unborn.[future vocations]
749 871
For my health to continue caring for my daughter and her future.  I ask God to watch over us and help me obtain a good job that will sustain me in supporting my daughter and provide for her future.Thank you God for all your goodness and love.  To you, I am most grateful for my hope and faith in you always!! 
750 872
Peace in the WorldGood health for my family and friends
751 873
Denver Colorado
That my dad Gary and Sister Angela will come to be followers of Christ.
752 874
Joe F
Please pray for me to make a good and honest confession.Thank youJoe
753 875
Larchmont NY
754 876
Bobby Moore
Mobile AL
That my back be heled so I do not have to have another back operation . 
755 877
Roseville, CA
My mother-in-law, Jan Lauterjung, will be entering the Little Sisters of the Poor home in San Pedro next week. She was a volunteer there for years when she was younger. Please pray for Jan as she nears the end of her life here on earth. We are so thankful that she will be cared for in a beautiful setting by such loving people. Thank you so much, and God bless your ministry. 
756 878
For my niece Cristina who celebrates her 53rd birthday today.
757 879
Clifton Park, NY
That my mother will be healed of her dementia, Parkinson's and body sores, and that my Uncle's soul will at least go to Purgatory, and that my niece will come back to her family and be released from the grip of the demon that has a hold of her.
758 880
Dagsboro Delaware
To know God's will, to be a faithful servant and to share the Truth with others.
759 881
Maryjo Betson 
For Jill Thyson and her son Frankie  that they be reconciled before he leaves for marines in February 
760 882
New Castle De
Please pray for my daughter. She has to undergo surgery for a leaking heart valve and a tumor in her heart She is 51 
761 883
Please help Leslee she is addicted to pain meds n alcohol she is so mean n cruel to her children n husband the children need help desperately they don’t understand they love their mother please help the husband he is at his wits end guide him to know what to do thank you n God bless you
762 884
Arlington, VA
To discern what to do about my career, and to have less anxiety
763 885
Fernandina Beach Fl
For the selling of our beautiful home to a nice  family so we can move on to the next chapter of our lives.God bless.
764 886
To remain calm.
765 887
Mary Lampton
Lee's Summit, MO
Healthy families for the foster children whom I work with as a volunteer.For my own family.
766 888
Warwick RI
Grandson  to be seizure free.  Paul b and Eric s to be cancer free.
767 889
Cohoes, NY
To be healed of the problems with my back, knees and now my feet, so I will not be in pain any longer.
768 890
Loretta Magerl
Raymore, Mo 64083
For the health of Jim Gentry
769 891
Louisville, KY
Our children and their families.
770 892
St Louis
Complete healing of ear and back, relief of anxiety and reversal of female problem
771 893
Mason, O
For 17 yr. old grandson who is in an unhealthy relationship.
772 894
For the healing health and well being of my sons 
773 895
J.Mulbah Soloyanwollie 
Glendale, Arizona 
Pray for the children and widowed the Lord has interested in my care.                    School fees for 10 children who  parents died during the crisis in Liberia. 
774 896
Boston Ma
For my dear friend Marcia please pray for her health thank you
775 897
Flushing NY
Good health and safety of all.  That my beloved parents and in heaven now.  Peace in this world without threat of nuclear war.  Return to good health of my friend MF. For all of the religious sisters and priests who serve us.
776 898
Mary L Kintz
Pensacola, FL
Grace to accept God's Will.
777 899
Riverside, RI
Please pray for all members of the Dodd39amily both deceased and living.  Especially remember my Mother, Genevieve on the 39th anniversary of her death today.
778 900
C Brinkman
Cincinnati Ohio
Peace, Healing, End to abortion, pornography, euthanasia, homosexuality, evils of our government, evils of our world, evils around us, evils within us, within our own homes and families.  Blessings be upon all peoples of all nations with the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blood of the Lamb.  Restoration to our culture and around the world as a culture of life. A return to the God and His commandments. Salvation of all souls.  For conversion of sinners. Forgiveness and Mercy be upon us all. Protection from our Lord Jesus Christ be upon us all. For family and healing to husband and pets. For family business.  For religious and benefactors. For an increase in vocations. Help to those in need.
779 901
Sister Agnes Langeac
Wilmington, N.C.
Save granddaughterGrant interest and desiresFulfill my PostulancyReligious perfectionsSouls in Purgatory(Heal teeth, find ring)
780 902
Funding for new business, home repairs, new car, and to pay off all debt. 
781 903
Grosse Pointe, MI
For family members who have left the Church; also for a special intention.  Thank you, Sisters!
782 904
Tessie Pomenti
Philadelphia.  Pa
My mother who passed away this day in 2000.  I miss her everyday.   
783 905
Staten Is., NY
Recovery from health problems
784 906
San Mateo/California
That I may do God's will and that I will be healthy in body (going on a diet and staying on it and losing the weight I must lose), and my overall health and health mentally, that I may NEVER get Alzheimers or have a stroke and that I may not have Sleep Apnea!Also for an end to all ABORTIONS, DOCTOR ASSISTED SUICIDES AND ALL WARS!  And for those people who have been kidnapped especially a little 3 year old African-American girl by 3 African-American men, that she be not abused in any way and get back to her family!!!  Save and Sound.  Amen.
785 907
I pray for the skin cancer on my scalp to be heal.  May the doctor cure my left ear from ringing.  Please allow the trustee to release the  money due to me from the trust.  Also, that I spend the money wisely. But most of all  keep us all safe and healthy.  Please find Kurt a new home.  Amen
786 908
Sister Theresa Duffy
Shenandoah, PA
Please pray for my sister, Mrs. Rita Mullen, who is in need of prayers for her physical and emotional well being.God bless you.
787 909
Mary Bowles 
Pray that my 92 year old uncle will accept that he needs to go to assisted living or have have someone come in to help him with his needs. I pray he can get into lsp.
788 910
Please assist my son in doing what is necessary to finish his classes at school.  He has a learning disability.  Also, to reduce the useless anxiety that we all face.  
789 911
Poor Souls in PurgatoryPoor sinners, esp. those not prayed forMy wayward children to return to faithMy special intention for my sonWorld peace and religious freedomEnd to legalized abortion, marriage between same sexes and euthanasiaFor the intentions of Pope Francis
790 912
Mille Boc
Frederica, Delaware 
For my mother In law whom is Resident Sylvia Boc
791 913
Albany NY
For a return to civility and harmony in the USA.
792 914
Carole Stevenson
Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca
Please Lord help my family stay in the faith. Bless Erik and Angela as they marry and keep Mike and Laura in love forever.
793 915
Joe F
Chalfont Pennsylvania
Please pray for me to get myself the courage to make a good and honest confession.  I've been away too longThanksJoe
794 916
For my son who has been very depressed and ill. May Saint Jeanne Jugan cures his depression and helps him get back on his feet and have a normal, happy, fruitful life.
795 917
Long beach, ny
Health, peace, prosperity and the children of the world....
796 918
Karen Reiter
Please pray that our house in FL will sell. That would be a blessing for us and whoever buys our house. Thank you.
797 919
Ashburn, Va
Please pray for me and my oldest daughter, Sarah, to get closer. For healing in our relationship. Please pray that my oldest sister Joan feels better and can walk after her stroke. Please pray for my mother Betty to heal from hip surgery.  She is 90. 
798 920
Port st Lucie FL
Healing Lindsey from the mental illness she is suffering from.  Prayers for her family while they go through this difficult time with her 
799 921
Morristown NJ
Please pray for my body to healThank you & God Bless!!Amen
800 922
Montville, NJ
My dear friend,, Barbara, will be undergoing surgery and treatment for cancer.  She is a woman of faith who will be most grateful for your prayers.  Thank you.
801 923
Springfield, VA
Jim Gancio JrVincent SearlesGrace NuncioVincent Dimattina III
802 924
Good health and life.
803 925
Beverly Antonio 
For all Americans, protect us from cruel, corrupt and mercenary politicians who spread lies, hatred and division. In Jesus' name. Thank you, God help us all.
804 926
Kathy Bennett
Tampa, FL
For all who suffer at the hands of evil, especially Christians.
805 927
Marti Scheu
Praise God for sending Saint Jeanne Jugan and for all the love and good works of all the Little Sisters throughout the world.  Please pray for God to direct the steps of my son, Steven, as he awaits an opportunity to play for an NFL team.  If this is not God’s will, I pray God would plant a seed to direct him in the direction he should go.  I pray, too, that Steven would not despair in this wait.  Thank you for praying Sisters!  I will continue to pray for you.  Bless you all!
806 928
Dear St Jeanne, on behalf of Mother Mary Please pray for all unjustly jailed and frightened and in danger prisoners in the US or persecuted Christians around the world -and their mothers who love them. 
807 929
Please pray for me as I accept the Lord as my personal saviour.
808 930
Richmond VA
Please pray at age 55 I pass the high school GED test next week. Pray for Little Sister's of the Poor for continued blessings.
809 931
Louisville, KYP
Pray for the Little Sisters of the Poor to continue their great work.
810 932
All the intentions that I hold in the silence of my heart and for which I offer up each day, especially my two brothers and my nephew.  One brother and my nephew suffer with muscular dystrophy and one brother who suffers with Parkinson's Disease.  Thank You!
811 933
Pray for my husband complete recovery/healing of his eyes which is blood vessel is bleeding.
812 934
My wife needs a new job
813 935
Southwick, MA
The pain from both knees and arm will be accepted by Jesus to heal his wounds and save souls. Thank you n
814 936
Jeanne Beltran
Ventura, CA
Should I have to find a new place to live, that it be a safe place with a good person and that  I can afford it and also in around the area I am currently in. Also that Juanita has a successful surgery.
815 937
Long Beach, NY
Religious freedom for our countryConversion of RussiaPeace in the world
816 938
817 939
Richmond va
May all people in need find your mercy and may little sisters continue and grow to be a blessing to those who are older.  
818 940
Lincoln, NE
David Gokie and family.  He was just diagnosed with Leukemia and has a wife and two daughters.
819 941
820 942
Devo PA
Freedom from alcohol addiction for my younger son and permanent employment for both of my sons.
821 943
Venice, Califormia
Repose of the soul of my brother and that my children return to the faith..also for my two priests GRD and RG... merci ma bonne mere!!
822 944
Henrico / VA
For my anger to turn into understanding and love.
823 945
Please pray for the health, happiness and decent employment of all my children. And may they find a loving partner with whom to marry and have joy and loving relationship. 
824 946
Good health for our Tatay Larry.
825 947
Pls pray for my husband Robert who had two strokes recently and the doctor can not find any reason why; he is healthy at age 78 and has no high blood pressure. Pls pray that the doctors involved will be able to evaluate and discover any indication of causes and how to minimize the risks . We trust that God and the Blessed Mother will look after his full recovery. Thanks.
826 948
John Muenzen
Hague, VA
Donald gets in St Joseph’s Home for the Aged
827 949
julia lyons
pittsburgh pa
my brother, Patrick, will return to the Catholic Church, my nephew, Nicholas, will persevere in his vocation as a Priest.Thank You.  
828 950
Pittsburgh PA
my relationship with my sister
829 951
Maureen Lehman
Leawood, KS
For my continued great health of my dear 89 year old mother, Mary Margaret Burke!  
830 952
Bill Turner
N. Wildwood, NJ
I pray for good health for me and my children, my grandchildren and great grand children. Also for all my family and friends. Please pray for my deceased parents, sisters, my cousin sister Solange de Ste. Anne, LSP, and all my family and friends
831 953
For healing
832 955
C b
Job for daughter Baptism for grandson
833 956
Please pray for my son Jim who has been unemployed for two years.
834 957
Philadelphia, Pa
Good employment for Luke and improved mental health for friend
835 958
Phoenix, Az
Help me financially so I can help my family.
836 959
Frank Bonsiero
Fairfax County, VA
-recovery of nephew suffering w/ cancer-die in the state of grace-in thanksgiving-financial success-happy marriage
837 960
Toledo, Ohio
That I may know and follow God's will for me.Healing of the broken relationship with Christina
838 961
Luis Rubio
Fridley, MN
for the repose of the soul of Ron Philips
839 962
Blue Bell, PA
Meghan - cure
840 963
Elkton, MD
Lord Jesus, please help me find a job that will help me meet my financial obligations and will keep my feet on the ground.
841 964
San Francisco
For a successful bone marrow transplant
842 965
Cos Cob, Ct
Healing for:Jim RyanAlina ColossaleNate CollinsRyan Mullins
843 966
Vanessa g
San Pedro ca
I don't want to be homeless no more Lord. Please guide me in the right direction so I may be able to sleep in my own bed again and not the streets
844 967
Ron stack
Leland NC
I recently had my big toe amputated due to a diabetic ulcer. I am at home recuperating. I am asking prayers for healing and no complications. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.
845 968
Stuart florida
Please for my father that is 82 years He has throat cancer. Thank you
846 969
For improved health of my family members.
847 970
Please pray that I get my own apartment soon.
848 971
Ellicott City MD
Successful drug rehabilitation for my friend’s son.
849 972
Lisa Kelley
Indianapolis, In. 
For strength and resolve for my daughter Colleen as she finds her employment path. For my son Johnny in his upcoming search for employment. May they be guided by the will of God in their decisions. Please God!
850 973
For my brother-in-law who lost his son to suicide over a year ago. May God Hold his family in His Heart everyday. Please give them the strength to live each day in your love, and in the memory of their beautiful son Garrett. 
851 974
For susan Webster her health and that her job at Walmart be saved. Thank you
852 975
Clifton Heights, PA
Prayers for my financial struggles, prayers for my sickly family & freinds, prayers for my grdson just started in the military, & the other with struggles, my family, close friends, Pastor, church & community.
853 976
Clifton Heights, PA
854 977
Pramod yeshwant kamble
From2/3 years me and my wife always fight with each otherAnd don't want to do again and againBut don't know how fire crackers starts and we fight Pls pray for my familyFor peace and love each other
855 979
The healing of my wife F from throat problems.Thanks.
856 980
Daly City
4th grader may have to have a 2nd bone marrow transplant
857 981
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Moving up of biopsy date; faith of children and grandchildren
858 982
Mobile, AL
Friend w/breast CA...wht. cell count so bad she couldn't have her treatment & has to stay home to avoid infection.  Also depressed by this.  Need prayers for young man w/addiction prob.
859 983
Sue Pompei
Brigantine NJ
Good Health and Continued Family Happiness for my family and myself.
860 984
You're Amazing Missions with Hard as Nails Ministries 
Syracuse, NY
- Current Hard as Nails You're Amazing  Missionaries- Current Missionary leaders- Past You're Amazing Missionaries- Justin Fatica & his wife Mary and kids (Jojo, Catherine, John Paul, Rocco & Dominic- For Bishop Frank J. Caggiano (Episocopal Moderator of HAN) for proper discernment and fatherly care of HAN- Fr Peter Cameron (Justin's spiritual director - pray for discernment for him)- Fr Bryan Page (HAN Chaplain - pray for healing and authenticity)- Joe Cain (Current HAN seminarian - pray for hope and courage)- Teresa - for my healing and discernment with God's call for my life/vocation and future relationship- Victor (Missionary Recruiter) - & his family, and for discernment with God's call for his life/vocation, greater trust - Mike McGinley (Director of Development at HAN) and his family- Stan Selwach (Finance Manager) and his family - Mark (Bus driver)- Rhonda Maier (Director of Missionary Program) and her husband and 7 boys - For the "You're Amazing Family Events"- For the "You're Amazing Crusade" this year, where we send in a team of missionaries to Westchester County, NY for a year- For the "You're Amazing Invitation" on April 25th, 2018- For Mariano Rivera from the NY Yankees to agree to witness at the "You're Amazing Invitation"- For the all boys school to be build in Syracuse, NY (North American Martyr Prep/N.A.M.P.)- For Bishop Cunningham, Bishop of Syracuse, NY- For the Ewtn show to touch millions of lives- That God provides what we need financially- Continued success of Facebook live - For our Monthly mass at our training center, that God brings others there who need to be there- Our public school program (Virtue First), specifically for a transformation at Corcoran High School in Syracuse, NY
861 985
Thornton, CO
Healing from loss of family members; strength to deal w/ongoing medical issues
862 986
Merced, CA
Our Lady pray for us whom have recourse to thee.  Amen
863 987
To heal the wounds and have more stamina and flexibility.
864 988
Mark Francis 
Mark Francis 
865 989
Sr. Theresa Cappelli
Please pray for my wonderful sister-in-law,Louise. She is having some health issues. Thank you! I am most grateful.
866 990
Lou. Ky
Please pray for Kristen Beals she has severe pancreatic problems and facing surgery. Cathy Willenger who is 48 and has leukemia , pneumonia and has to go to nursing home. Pray for entire Willenger family. Thank you.
867 991
Norton, MA
That my family will be reunited again
868 992
happiness and peace in my life as well as everyone i come into contact with 
869 993
Anthony Giunta
Philadelphia, PA
Do God's will, vocation discernment, relationships, V
870 994
Thornton, CO
Private, but thank you for your prayer.
871 995
John & Theresa Mondello
Nederland, TX
In thanksgiving for Anastasia Bergeron entering Little Sisters of the Poor on 7 October 2017.In thanksgiving for the one year anniversary of Sr. Maria Raphael entering Little Sisters of the Poor on St. Jeanne Jugan's birthday.For our other children, Laura and Luke.For the repose of the soul of Cody Lucia.In thanksgiving for all the blessings God continues to bestow upon us.For the continued recovery of Hurricane Harvey flood victims.For the end of abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.
872 996
Sherry Strong 
Indianapolis Indiana
Enough money to get my morgtage paid off or caught up after the passing of my husband I need 9000.00 dollars. Thank you for your prayers. I pray for you too Blessings
873 997
Maria Amor
Washington, DC
For Dolores and Jane who are very ill and/or dying. For my children and their mates, may they lead happy, healthy, and meaningful lives. For my friends dealing with cancer in their lives. For patience and direction in my life. In Thanksgiving for all.
874 998
Tobyhanna, Pa
Please pray for the James Family and also pray for all the Little Sisters of the Poor and residents of Holy Family Residence in Scranton, Pa.   
875 999
Teresa James
Tobyhanna, Pa
Please pray for Teresa, Karla, and Ria with their studies.  Please pray that we will remember that Jesus and Mary are always with us in our daily lives and our struggles.  Also pray that we will not forget that God loves us when we feel discouraged and hopeless when school gets difficult.  Please pray for us Little Sisters Thank you.  
876 1000
Boston ma
Paula is very sick please mention her name thank you 
877 1001
1.lift the veil of depression from jennifer2.let stephanie be merciful and compassionate to her mother and let jennifer be able to see her grandchildren3.let annemarie help bring peace to our family 4.let their be peace in my family 
878 1002
wilmington de
Recovering from stroke.please pray breathing will improve so can go to rehab.Thank you Sisters.
879 1004
St.paul, Minnesota 
Prayers for my husband..who has dementia..that he gets stronger and to be able to walk..I want him to be happy..
880 1005
Regina Alongi
West Hempstead NY
Sisters: Please pray for my sister Kathleen who came off a respirator this week but has breathing issues. Pray she can do okay thru this ordeal. Her daughter Lorraine, 38 yrs old,  has Stage IV cancer and doesn't have long to live. Pray she calls to Jesus for her salvation.Thank you.
881 1006
San Francisco, CA
My brother's journey towards chastity and a deeper relationship with our LordMy goddaughters: Molly, Presidio, Phoenix, CatePeace in North Korea
882 1007
Hughesville, MD
That my Mom will find peace in her future housing.  That my son may find his way in life through God’s help.  
883 1008
Please pray for my husband fighting stage IV cancer.
884 1009
Silvia M.
Washington, DC
Please pray to grant peace in my heart, I owe thousand of dollars in taxes and I'm really scare. I want to get to some way to reduce it, so I'll be able to pay. I can't not sleep or work. Thank you
885 1010
Luke Widdig
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886 1011
Silvia M.
Washington, DC
Please pray to grant peace in my heart, I owe thousand of dollars in taxes and I'm really scare. I want to get to some way to reduce it, so I'll be able to pay. I can't not sleep or work. Thank you
887 1012
Silvia M.
Washington, DC
Please pray to grant peace in my heart, I owe thousand of dollars in taxes and I'm really scare. I want to get to some way to reduce it, so I'll be able to pay. I can't not sleep or work. Thank you
888 1014
Wayne Kraus
Littleton, CO
Success of my back surgery and a speedy recovery.
889 1015
Toni Anne
Me and my husband have been trying for a child for a very long time now. Please pray for us so we may get God’s grace. 
890 1016
Newark DE
For thanksgiving of all the blessings and graces received.For the protection and good health of Pope Francis and all priests and nunsFor eternal peace of my father Felix Sr,my mother-in- law, Isabel, my uncle, Pepito, my cousin, Ellen, brother-in-law Romy, my friend Epoy, my friend's mom Dorothy and all deceased loved ones, relatives, friends and all faithful departed and all souls in purgatory.
891 1017
Mrs Mary (NOT Mr Mark) Zupsic
Cincinnati, Ohio
That I don't die alone.That my daughter's attitude will change and she will return to the Catholic faith. (She worked several years ago at the home on Riddle Rd.
892 1018
healing of cancer for brother-in-law or grace so he and my sister can accept whatever our Father ass of them.
893 1019
Special intentions for MG!  Healing prayers
894 1020
Washington, DC 
I have breast cancer
895 1021
Please elevate a prayer for my cousin Erica, she has health worries, and many small surgeries coming her way, but I know that our Savior that loves us so much will help her in this moments, thank you
896 1022
Kevin Fox
For my elderly Uncle Ed O'Shea in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland who is suffering from the effects of a stroke. May he regain his health sufficient to speak to his loved ones who visit
897 1023
Mary  Lou
St. Louis
That I regain full sight in my right eye after 2 macular hole surgeries.
898 1024
Prayer Request for EllaFor real…true love, light and order to come back into Ella’s life. She is struggling such a struggle in every area, especially over her relationship that despite being anointed is causing her the deepest heaviness right now. May God fill her with hope that all will be well and back to where it was and better despite whoever’s fault it is with His Divine Intervention. Thank you so much!PS This is a separate request from the Elva prayer requests. 
899 1025
For my husband and I to mend our marriage and for us to have a steady income, a stable and honest livelihood and may we get the means to continue to help abandoned pets.
900 1026
Stean Anthony
Please pray for my book exnihil that it serve God and Church and peace in the world amen
901 1027
Priscilla Fernandes
My children Karl & Chrysann may be directed by Mother Mary & Jesus to fulfill God's Will in their life
902 1028
Nancy V. Salazar 
N. Floral Park Queens
903 1029
Nancy V. Salazar 
N. Floral Park Queens
904 1030
San Diego 
Lucille (Dirocco) Graff.  Rest in peace. 
905 1031
Kansas city mo
I pray for everybody, i pray that i can get the help my mom needs so i can get the help i need to get my kids bacl. Ironically my bby dolls bday is also oct 25.
906 1032
St paul
for health, hope, freindship and love
907 1033
Long Island, NY
For my job situation, and also my son's, that both may be resolved in the best possible way.
908 1034
Please pray for my daughter KJ. 
909 1035
New York
Please pray for my daughter Karen.
910 1036
Devendra Makwana 
Please clear my diabetes and help me to start my food business and also make it successful.
911 1037
For Karl Vargas who is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and for his wife of 46 years, Laurinda, as she cares for him.
912 1038
Please pray Eric and I are joined together in marriage. Thank you 
913 1039
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914 1040
Silvia I M
Washington DC
I'm facing troubles and debt in the thousands, I have no money, I want to do right and for this I need your prayers, need a job and a healthy mind, I'm scare lo loose it because this is overwhelming, I have panic attacts and I can't breathe, I can't sleep, it's 4:30am now, please God help me!!! I think I'm going crazy.
915 1041
Silvia I M
Washington DC
I'm facing troubles and debt in the thousands, I have no money, I want to do right and for this I need your prayers, need a job and a healthy mind, I'm scare lo loose it because this is overwhelming, I have panic attacts and I can't breathe, I can't sleep, it's 4:30am now, please God help me!!! I think I'm going crazy.
916 1042
My intention is for everyone that pray for me, I was overwhelmed and scared, there was a miracle, my taxes were in the thousands, I'm coming back from the IRS and some paperwork was not updated, I owe very little, Good bless you all, Our father works through all you nice people, again thank you
917 1043
Thank You for your prayers and blessings received.  
918 1045
                   Dear Sister, through the fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and in the servitude and slavery of our Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 6:22), under the Faithful eye of God the Father, and with the inspiration of St. Paul,                  Please help me with these prayers to the infinite Christ, as we are sharing our Catholic nature of love and trust in Saint John and the Virgin Mary.  I'm inspired by God through praying and anointing in the Holy Spirit that good confession is demanded by God right now, for both you and me.  This is a prayer request and faith statement so that you may also get to know me, as confession is due and I will be asking the priest for the holy sacrament on Saturday.  I have learned through trials and tests, but for now I send you first, Jesus' peace.  A key biblical quote comes, "And now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son. God promised everything to the Son as an inheritance, and through the Son He created the universe" (Hebrews 1:2).  We too are the inheritors of Christ's gift of love in compassion for and through creation.  I must say that I love Jesus spoken words: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  (Matthew 11: 28-30).  Sisters, and church staff, may you find peace in Jesus.  I hope to a good degree that you will seek now to greet Saint Peter, and find the gate of heaven (a personal test, a greeting is owed) explained thoroughly in the books 1 Peter and 2 Peter, Timothy, and 1 and 2 John.  Jesus Christ said, "And so I say to you, you are Peter [as first Pope], and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven"  (Matt 16: 18-19).  We must pray for Peter's understanding as we approach Jesus about Salvation.  For extra strength, understanding, deepening our Faith, and for getting to Holy Heaven we must go first to Saint Peter.  For my salvation, I have personally grown a healing to a mental distress through devotion to Saint Peter, thus healing and absolving a sinful**  schizophrenia and paranoia.  Because of the thought, I give to you an opinion that if you want to know how to arrive in Heaven, then pray with Saint Peter and you Jesus they are there with you immediately.  My prayer request is to ask God for the strength to remain fortified in God, to accept the guidance of St. Peter and Paul, to better knowing and understanding in concupiscence our debt of gratitude and owed work we must do, commit without sin, and present, to the Holy One, Jesus Christ.  These commitments I have made have led to God healing me in stated ways above, and finding a deepening love and friendship with the God of love and light and peace/harmony/matrimony among believers, though scarce in review (thus my trusted family and friends).                  God also inspires me to tell you gently that He needs from me and you both of us, more reading hours in the Bible, and a confession, I beseech of you, and at your best, may you understand my prayers.  My Bible prayers have led me closer to Salvation.  And, the answer and goal is the same for us all we must do this ! : add to our daily routine some more random Bible praying from the New Testament (or to the Old Testament, as we feel inspired).  Please read my letter to the finish, since this letter is so short, and I am a believer and a I try to be a good witness to Jesus Christ almighty..                    And, please consider that a good work in Paul you can do all the time is to go into the Jewish scriptures or the New Testament letters of Saint Paul (Acts, then Romans and Corinthians) for the answers, simply for the fact that Jesus Christ will make a home in your soul and give you His holy peace and comfort in times of need and distress.  When you need the answers about how to act, Jesus will thus be there for you.  This is especially needed and comforting as we now start to prepare for the Advent and Christmas season.  We must pray as if it is our last Christmas/Easter alive on this Earth.  Our consciences act to isolate our failures of the whole year and we accordingly seek penance and righteousness (the sacrament of confession).                       To speak of evangelizing you may do, you must make the plan to give a Bible to someone in need in the community, in a way that the receiver will feel unafraid to approach God in prayer.  And please realize that its never to late to think undeniably about INSPIRING the sacrament of reconciliation for yourself, your family, your priest, and the community you serve.  I try to ask of God that my greatest gift would be remembering and praying for God to absolve my worst sins, such as I might confess before the Holy Trinity to prepare for Christmas and Easter, and to achieve in the earthly Heaven a saintly life in preparation to meet Jesus, seek in the Catholic mystics Sister Therese of Lisieux (read her autobiography titled, Story of a Soul) and St. Faustina Kowalska (read her Diary).  But, I am sure you all have heard of these classics!!!                To consider God's most holy laws, the holy Gospel of Saint Mark (12:31) says that the greatest commandment is "You must love your neighbor as yourself."  For the called and consecrated at your church, the divine order and the rule is the same.  To have Jesus Christ' sacred love for one another is the divine duty.  The Holy Spirit is joyful and the Word is fulfilled when you love your neighbors in the community, as well to love, in fellowship your priest, Sisters, and the called believers/parishioners alike.  Hearing and helping the called believers is a priest's/congregation's number one first call, for we are approaching the end time, as announced in the book of Revelations.   I also am saying my true beliefs about how you may come to know the Christ better in your seat holy as a chosen believer in the brotherhood of Jesus Christ, a priest in the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:13-17).  Saint Paul says that we must all put on the armor and belt of truth in Saint Paul "..so that you might be able to stand firm against the tactics of the devil" (Ephesians 6:12), if we expect to be proper servants and slaves for Christ.  Continuing Paul's Word, "You must gird your loins in truth, clothed with righteousness as a breastplate, and your feet shod in readiness for the Gospel of peace...and to hold faith as a shield, to quench all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  And take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God" (Ephesians 14-17).  And please Father, be careful of over-eating and alcohol (gluttony) of the seven deadly sins (tongue in cheek).                  Now for a word on the rejected, the chosen, and Revelations and judgment.  In 1 Peter 2:7-8, "The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone, and, is a stone that will make people stumble, and a rock that will make them fall."  Peter became the cornerstone of the Church as the first pope (first paragraph above).  Further explanation of this is two part:  Peter was and still remains the cornerstone in God's church, the first Pope.  In Peter's world, we must resist the "culture of death" that St. John Paul II spoke of in the encyclical Evangelium Vitae (25 March 1995).  Here, John Paul continues to describe the Good News of God:                                    "THE GOSPEL OF LIFE is at the heart of Jesus' message. Lovingly received day after day by the Church, it is to be preached with dauntless fidelity as "good news" to the people of every age and culture."                In retrospect Revelations states the answer, "Let the wicked still act wickedly, and the filthy still be filthy.  The righteous must still do right, and the holy still be holy" (Rev. 22-11).  This alights to the fact that the "others" have made their chosen path in this light/life, which is held accountable to God and renders them back to sin again.                 After all, holy Saint Matthew proclaims in the greatest commandment that we must "Love the Lord God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind" (22:37).  For Jesus has instructed us to "Love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34-35).  Let us pray for parents to be good to the children, from week to week, and from month to month.  Please pray for my prayer intention that parents will love their children completely with this commandment in mind.  Please keep Jesus Christ' passion in your mind--His torture and suffering, death, and resurrection.  The passion and suffering of God at the hands of men is our life and our beckoning holy light and GUIDESTAR.  Praying to Saint John Paul II for intercession, the Gospel of Life (in part, LOVE) is at the height of Jesus Christ' message.  Knowing that we can never come close to the pain He endured in our struggles, we learn a new lesson on humility, self-sacrifice, and owing.  It is plain to see that we also owe to God our AID in the Good News.  We can teach in His name the Good News but only how and when we are called to .  We must bring the sinners to completion in prayer before the kind and generous good job, if we are to make it in this sojourn to Peter's gate, where Paul is teaching about good works and suffering.  After all, Acts reveals that Paul suffered jail of five years before release, writing letters and building the whole church at the same time (see his letters, cited above).  Yours Truly, in Peace and in the holy Eucharist, with Advent in mind (however early)John Carson, sperrit05@yahoo.com
919 1046
Cincinnati, OH
Health of a dear friend and my continued employment
920 1047
Wilm., DE
for my daughter to conceive and have a healthy baby
921 1048
Tim Nolan
St. Paul,MN
Praying for peace in the middle east. The evil forces must be brought into the light. Love & Peace be with you.Tim Nolan
922 1049
Washington DC
Important papers, my future depends on them, my fate is strong but always need your prayers, you have helped me with your prayers, again asking for a miracle, always make mistakes and I suffer, please ask our Father Jesus Christ and his blessed mother Mary to help me
923 1050
OMaha, NE
Dear Sisters, May I ask for your prayers for my dear friend Marcy Palmer. She has advanced lung cancer. She is the mother of 3 kids under 16 who need her so much.  Please pray that the cancer has not spread to the brain.  Thank you so much.  LauraBlessings!
924 1051
Hillary J. Singleton 
Lake Spivey, GA
Please Lord, give me discernment about becoming a lay Carmelita, and if I should change parishes.  I've been out of work since January and need a job/financial security. Thank you, Sisters, and God bless you.
925 1052
Ashwood, Vic
For the Good Work of "the Sisters'
926 1053
Silvia  I
Washington DC
Dear people, my mind doesn't work well, I keep making mistakes, pray for me please, my fate is strong miracles happen this time only ower Holly Father and the. Virgin Mary can help me legal papers are my bigger problem, please God forgive me if I missled I thought I was doing the right thing, I think my mind is bad, thank you
927 1054
Silvia I
Washington DC
I'm asking God to forgive me, I did wrong, but I I thought was ok to do it this way, I didn't mean to lie, I please God let me have an opportunity to do it right, Virgin Mary, please help me, I know that this mistake can change my life, my life is in your hands, you know what is right for me. Please help me God
928 1055
Washington DC
Thank you, for your prayers, I got one miracle, and I'm happy but my troubles are not ending, in few minutes I'll find out my luck, my life depends of this, although my spiritual life is at peace, God has guide me all the way and rescue me from hard times, dear Virgin Mary, please help me, I need to be strong to face my future, thank you for my health, and all the blessings. I need prayers, I Kno that this will hurt my son and other friends, my fate is strong but I need prayers, thank you
929 1056
Washington DC
This is to pray for all the people who is going trough hard time, the prayers are so strong I know because I had 3 nights of no sleep with worries, you prayed for me and everything was good. Thank you God, thank you Virgin Mary.
930 1057
Please pray that I fully heal and am able to wean off my supplements.  Especially pray that the cherry angiomas disappear.   Please also pray that my mother is of sound mind and that her hip heals and she is able to walk again,
931 1058
Arlington Hts IL
Pray for my health and that I start working soon.
932 1059
Please stop my pain and improve my health, give me back my strength
933 1060
Please pray for guidance for my changing or staying at current job.
934 1061
Please pray for my family's and friends health, well-being, and peace.
935 1062
Deaware Ohio
That my daughter be healed from her PTSD 
936 1063
Please pray for better times to come and to have happiness. Pray for forgiveness and strength. 
937 1064
Saint Paul
I pray for good  health ,stability and happiness  in mine and my children's  lives. I pray you keep us safe and thank you for being so patient with me . Amen .
938 1065
Erie, CO
Al Lechman (health concerns and surgery)Rich Lechman (recovering from assault and           surgery)Amy Jostes (mental health disease)
939 1066
St. Paul, mn
For my children and grandchildren...each with special needs including addictions,  unhealthy relationships and decline in faith..thank you and God bless you and your ministry!
940 1067
Ellicott zcity
for my daughter's health
941 1068
Ngozi Okolo
Lanham , Maryland 
Mother Mary please intercede for the Okolo's family so that the reign of death that has plagued us will stop. Let Beatrice Nwadiuko Okolo not bury any of her children alife again. Let her not die now. Let Chijioke Jude Okolo receive forgiveness of sins and prolonged life to enable him give glory to God. Thank you Mother 
942 1069
Marietta, GA
My mother, Dorothy McGrath, a deceased supporter of the Little Sister.
943 1070
Prairie Village, Kansas
Please pray for peace in my family.  Thank you so much.
944 1071
To resolve all aspects of my mother’s passing and all the unresolved difficulties left behind
945 1072
Paterson, NJ
Special intentionPeace in the world
946 1073
please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, everyone tells me to forget and leave it, they keep pressing me. I cried, it's not so easily as they say and imagine. i feel so traumatized, I have been struggling with depressed and suffering for the past 3 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me, He means a lot to me. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to let go, teach me to love You more than anything, teach me to know You more God. please help me with your prayers, I really need a miracle, thank you
947 1074
Tamil Nadu
Hope I get the job that I have been looking forward to, so that I can spread goodness and kindness in this world.
948 1075
Tamil Nadu
May Father Terrrence's soul RIP and Goodness spreads in this world.
949 1076
Please help me reach my health goals
950 1077
San Pedro Ca
God I ask of you, to help me find a place to live and peace with in myself. 
951 1078
Please pray for my husband  Glenn who needs to heal from emotional pain and guilt  from the hurt he has caused his family.
952 1079
Dear Sisters, please pray fory my neighbors mother Carol who is very sick. She is receiving hospice care now. Please pray that the sore on her leg heals. The skin will not heal around the silver plate that was put in her leg. Thank you for your prayers at this time of need. Susan 
953 1080
Pray for peace, health and prosperity in my family.
954 1081
Chino Hills, CA
Kindly pray for good health; spiritual, physical and emotional healing, happiness and family harmony for the J&C de la Torre and Zamora families. May God bless you. Thank you!
955 1083
for the fast healing of Alberto Estillore.
956 1084
Patricia Weathers
Louisville ky
My Mom is in Hospice. And now they want us to get together and decide to turn our Moms feeding tube off. I need prayers for strength.
957 1085
Patricia Weathers
Louisville ky
My Mom is in Hospice. And now they want us to get together and decide to turn our Moms feeding tube off. I need prayers for strength.
958 1086
Louisville Ky
That the Holy Spirit enters into and makes me a good christian servant of God almighty.  
959 1087
Peggy Small
Peggy has memory loss.   Pray for peace in her life.Hugs, Daughter and caregiver Carol Ann
960 1088
christopher Dooner
Doylestown, PA
I pray for healing in my Marriage and increase in Faith as a couple and as a Family.  
961 1089
Daughter with mental health issues who is in an unhealthy relationship with the father of her children
962 1090
Hastings Ne
For my parents Natalia and Luis who are getting old and be able to work very soon.
963 1091
Mary Kaye 
Naples Florida
Please pray for my nephew who is blind from an accident many years ago. He is alone now since his remaining parent died recently and is in a group home for the homeless in Pittsburgh. I pray also that he may experience support to fulfill his purpose in life.
964 1092
Florence Bellais
Biloxi, MS
That she will be admitted to Little Sisters of the Poor.
965 1093
Sd, ca
Mary Derbin, RIP. 
966 1094
pray for my mother aged 74 who is sick with high blood pressure and is very poor cannot even afford food to eat while taking her medicine, may Jeanne intercede for her
967 1095
Lawndale, CA
Please offer prayers for my daughter’s boyfriend who is be released from the hospital because he doesn’t have any insurance or social security to pay for further care.  My daughter tells me that he suffers from cronyns disease, and has a colostomy, his internal intestines are exposed and inflamed.  He needs a miracle because he does not have any where to go to be taken care of.  My daughter is very upset and afraid she says that he will die without nursing care.  Please pray for this man and for a miraculous healing. I do not have the ability to take him in, I’m working and caring for my 90 year old aunt.  She had dementia and would be afraid if a stranger was in the house while we were gone at work.  Her seniorcare worker comes over for lunch and to be a companion to her. I do not know what to do about this situation, my daughter claims that his family is not available to help him.  Please advise me of any facility that could care for him til he is well enough to go to Kansas to be with his sister who is able to help him.  Thanks got your prayers and advise. Sincerely, Marianne Lesch
968 1096
Lina B.
for our family, children - Sophia, Brigita, Lukas, jobs, house, health, school
969 1097
Natalia Chow
Shek O Retreat Centre
Pray for all staffs especially our Carmelite Orders Father in our house
970 1098
For healing of my healing
971 1099
Manila, Philippines
Please pray for me that I may finally land a job after four months of searching. I need to help and support our family. In addition to this, the lack of work makes me idle and feel useless. May God bless you.
972 1100
Assistance for addictions of family members
973 1101
Improving health from addictions
974 1102
Patricia Weber
Pittsburgh PA
For the health, safety, and welfare of all family members.
975 1103
Mobile, AL
Pray for the betterment of my little brother Jarrad Mosley.
976 1104
Grace Eager
Sioux Falls South Dakota 
For strength to help me make the right choice with Trevor and to find courage to continue on with my life because I feel it becoming harder to go on. 
977 1105
For the loss of my parents and their souls.
978 1106
Please pray that my mental illness will not win. 
979 1107
Emmanuel and Mary Grace
Manila Philippines 
Good Health..Magkaroon pa po sana kami ng anak..Mabuntis na po sana ako..
980 1108
Jeanne weaver
New york
Please help me pray that I find peace and continued health so that I may go on helping others.  
981 1109
Jeanne weaver
New york
Help my grandson David to find his way. He is lost...his life has been sad and now he has no goals at the age of 21. 
982 1110
Monica Glic
Lancaster, PA
Finding appropriate care for my mom.   Thank you.
983 1111
Brian Scott
Renton, Washington
1) That the health my beloved wife Louise will continue to improve.  She has metastatic breast cancer and her latest chemo is working very well.2) That the baby that my daughter is carrying in her womb will be a healthy normal baby.3) That I will continue to grow in faith and learn to love and serve Jesus completely.
984 1112
J. W.
985 1113
Bernie Fisher
Collingswood NJ
Please pray for my friend that is having surgery related to his cancer.ThanksRick Marschall
986 1114
For God's wisdom in a tough situation. 
987 1115
Johnstown, NY
Recovery for family member. Return to the faith for daughter and granddaughter.
988 1116
Phoenix, AZ
for ex-wife who is a heroin addict, location unknown
989 1117
For the health and welfare of my family.for Kelly, for permanent remission of her MS.Help Kathy to cope with John's Parkinsons and keep her healthy in body and mind.Help Terriann cope with school.Help Dolores find a good job.
990 1118
good health, good life
991 1119
New Hartford, NY
healing from cancer and guidance in my life's work. For healing for my husband, brother, son. That all my family may experience peace and love.
992 1120
Myrtle Beach, SC
religious freedom for all.For my 24 year old grandson, Christian, to return to Jesus and the Catholic Church.For my 15 year old grandson Sean, for his safety as he studies overseas in Spain.
993 1121
Rose Brown
Please pray for the health of my friend Rosalind (ex Little Sister) Thankyou.
994 1122
Los Angeles/California
For the good health of mind, body and soul of all the Little Sisters of the Poor in taking care of all the Elderly.
995 1123
Buena Park/CA
The grace of happy catholic marriages for my sisters and myself. For my sister to do well on her upcoming job interview. 
996 1124
Please pray that I should get conceived and have another baby
997 1125
Please pray that Jonathan will speak
998 1126
Johnny hughes
St. Paul MN
Please pray for my little brother Johnny, he passed away on Dec. 23 2016. 
999 1127
Washington, DC
Please pray for my wife and I to obtain a home.  Thank you.
1000 1128
pray for financial help. pray I can keep my home
1001 1129
Debbie Lobosco
Pompton Plains
Please pray for Lucy Semeraro 
1002 1130
Pompton Plains,NJ
Please pray for me for help with financial issues and help with abundance and prosperity issues
1003 1131
Pompton Plains,NJ
Pray for Maureen Francella who just had knee surgery this week and is in rehab now.
1004 1132
kansas city, mo
For my friend who has dementia.  Being rushed into hospice due to "quality of life".  Pray for him that he may live to survive "hospice".  He has been through so much.  Thank you for all prayer.  
1005 1133
Kansas City, Missouri
Prayer for my friend, Ricky, who is being forced into hospice due to his dementia.  I do not understand why he no longer qualifies for life saving measures.  He loves life.  He has broken the same hip twice recently due to being overmedicated in a nursing home.  He was so overmedicated that he could not eat or drink.  He was taken unresponsive to the hospital where it was discovered that he had an infectious gangrenous gallbladder.  He now has a clot in his left leg.  Please pray for Ricky.  He is a good Christian.
1006 1134
South Bend, IN
For the complete healing of Cat from liver cancer, and for the consolation, strength, joy, and trust of her and her family (husband and three young children). Thank you! God bless!
1007 1135
Anne Fitzgerald
La Mesa, CA
Please pray for the comfort and healing of the family of Edward Illig during their time of loss.
1008 1136
Kevin Mmibine
I am praying for my family and my business.
1009 1137
Providence, RI
Pray for my family. It is more difficult to keep mom at home. Pray we do Our Lord's will. If it is His will may she enter the Jeanne Jugan Residence. St. Jeanne Jugan pray for us.
1010 1138
Mystic, CT
For a full time job
1011 1139
Vidhya Virgina S
I am gonna be 35 this December , I would need the Lord's will in helping me decide my future spouse . I am praying earnestly for a partner who is spiritually balanced and who would love to do music and worship ministry.
1012 1140
Peace and unity in the family
1013 1141
Grandbay al
Lord God I thank you for waking me up with a roof over my head clothes on my back I thank you for covering myself and my children while we slept father God my heart is crying out for your mercy ask for you to allow me an my children to have water we don't I don't have the finance to get my water pump fix but I pray that you send one of your angels to help me you said by your words you want leave nor forsake me nor begging for bread hod I'm ready to go back home where my kids can sleep in there own beds I try not to asks for to much but Lord God please have mercy your daughter Brittnay Amen
1014 1142
For a happy married life
1015 1143
That I qualify for the Merit ScholarshipThat my great grandmother's soul is in heavenThat my father has a safe trip back to the United StatesThat my mother gets to her sensesThat my brother does not do anything rash and that he has a safe trip back homeThat Thanksgiving will be nice and that the whole family will be togetherThat I do well in my studiesThat I qualify and receive the National Merit Scholarship from my PSAT score to help with financial aidThat I grow taller at least by a foot
1016 1144
Peace and prosperity for myself and my family
1017 1145
Denver, CO
That my husband and I will remain safe, happy, and stable, and that he soon find employment.
1018 1146
Woodbine MD
Please pray that my CT Lung Scan in Jan be better than the Aug Scan.Also, please pray for the recovery of my brother, Gerry Murphy
1019 1148
Jim H
For health and housing of friend Katie B.
1020 1149
Peace of mindConversion of sinners
1021 1150
I pray that my father is healthy and I pray for my mother who is sick
1022 1151
Garden city, NY
My prayer request is for a friend that is suffering bc her husband left her after 45 years of marriage. She has to have multiple surgeries replacing  her shoulder, etc. This man left her penniless! God bless 
1023 1152
She is my mother. I lived in Chennai. I can't stay with her. Some other family reasons. Now she is suffering from severe health condition. She quickly recovery very soon . I saw my mummy in good health condition. Pls pray for her health condition quickly recovered.
1024 1153
For Maria and Johann in their elder years. Especially for Maria to trust in the Lord more. 
1025 1154
Medford, MA
Prayers for my uncles family who just lost him this year and this will be the first holidays without him.  
1026 1155
Please free my nephew Anthony from his drug addictions,  if it is God’s will! Thank you very much
1027 1157
Plymouth Meeting
To give me the strength to lose weight in the coming year.
1028 1158
bruce houston
For whom have lost their faith in God love for them.
1029 1159
Pompton Plains.NJ
Please pray for my cousin Mary Lalama who just lost her mom two weeks ago.Help her with her grief.
1030 1160
Pompton Plains,NJ
Please pray for Carmella Lehocky for her health and finances.
1031 1161
She is my mother .Yesterday I pray for her health condition. Now she is better than her health condition. We are all pray her mother in good health condition and talk to me. Pls pray all.  Praise a lord.
1032 1162
M. Palani
He is my husband . He had a lot of financial problems. He get rid of his health and financial problems. He is only lead our whole family. So pray for my husband. I hope his problem is solved today.
1033 1163
Susan M C
Please pray for healing from sickness 
1034 1164
Lima /PA
That I get out of Fair Acres for good way before  March 5, 2018.  Amen
1035 1165
Hailey Schmitt
I am considering a vocation to nun-hood and am looking into your order specifically but am still unsure. 
1036 1166
pleasepray for my family
1037 1168
M. Palani
Please pray for my husband's financial problems solved.
1038 1169
Newark, DE
For all your Blessed work, intentions and needs. In memory of my mother's Holy Soul, Frances who resided among you, surrounded by The Love and Care of The Little Sisters of Poor. Eternal thanks for all The Little Sisters who hold her hand while Our Lord Called her home, I keep you in my Daily Rosary Prayers. God Bless You All.   
1039 1170
D Hart
Newark, Delaware
Please pray for my Sons, Douglas and David, and the Sanctity of the Family for us all. With God's Blessings! 
1040 1171
that my mind, body and soul are working toward the better good.  that I am on the path as you will it.
1041 1172
Sun City, AZ
Vocations to religious lifeInsurance for familyfor all the little sisters for their dedications
1042 1173
garden city park ny
Please pray for my sister Dianne and her upcoming surgery on November 30th.  Please pray for her successful surgery and full recovery.  Thank you and God Bless
1043 1174
Overland Park, KS
Continued sobriety for our son.Good health for me and my husband.Healthy children and grandchildren.Resolution for my daughter's troubled marriage.
1044 1175
Winslow, ME
for the continued growth and blessing of the ministry of the Little Sisters of the Poor.For the conversion of family members, especially a son addicted to alcohol.For the protection of life from conception to natural death.
1045 1176
Ed Perez
Westminster CO
Need prayer to help my wife find a job that will help us to continue to care for our children and family. Along with selling our home in Virginia since our renters moved out and left us in the whole with trying to repair the all the items they destroyed and them  trying to sue us on false accusations. Thanks in advance I wish you all the best.    
1046 1177
columbia, maryland
home, health and family relationships...thank you so much and God bless all the good you do for (elderly) people.....:)....
1047 1178
Manhasset, NY
For the hearts of all people to turn to God and away from sin.
1048 1179
No. Providence
Please let surgery go well. Please let her get so much out of therapy that she is able to be independent again and will be able to walk with  walker or cane. That will be a great Xmas for all of us. God bless.
1049 1180
No. Providence
Please let surgery go well. Please let her get so much out of therapy that she is able to be independent again and will be able to walk with  walker or cane. That will be a great Xmas for all of us. God bless.
1050 1182
For Scott and Adrian to blesseded with babies of our own 2 pregnant moms to consider us for adoptive parentsHealing for Jen, Cristina and Leann and ManuellaFor my parents to come for a visit to see me soon
1051 1183
Pawtucket, ri
Please pray for people who have bad thoughts so that they may see the light. And please pray that I find peace in my heart & happiness while I’m am here on earth in this life. Thank you.
1052 1184
Mark B
St Louis, mo
That they are in a wonderful place safe and sound in God's loving armsBarb ViraghAlvina viraghAlbert ViraghSkip ViraghDonna Viragh
1053 1185
Lisa Leopold
Highland Hts./OH
Please pray for my husband's employment status. That he will have gainful employment.  Thank you
1054 1186
lou ky 40213
seeking right place for me/1 floor/  low yard care
1055 1187
Hopewell Junction,NY 
That I make the right decision by getting married and that all the conflict with my father gets resolved. May he find peace inside his soul. May my mother free herself from hurt and let life's joy flow through her. May she smile like the ocean and shine like the sun. May my sister find peace in brokenness and moved forward in God's love and devotion. 
1056 1188
Nick Carty
Nagoya Japan
For my 80-year-old American friend Bob and his 81-year-old Japanese wife Toshie. Bob has been caring for his wife Toshie a who has advanced Alzheimer's. They now face separation as Toshie will soon enter a nursing care facility. Please pray that they be given the strength to bear this cross.
1057 1189
April Gallegos
Albuquerque / New Mexico
Mr. And Mrs. Orlando Romero.96 & 95 years old.  To find peace and to be able to understand how much people love them
1058 1190
1059 1191
glenda D. ferguson
please pray for me to get employment
1060 1192
Milaca/ Minnesota
Dearest Religious Communities-We are writing you to humbly ask for your prayers for our parish mission in the cities of Foreston and Milaca of Minnesota, USA.  In December 2017, Father Gaffney (Sacred Heart Apostolate)  will be assisting all the families of our parishes to consecrate their homes and families to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Please pray that this mission will be successful and that our parish communities will be blessed abundantly and receive the graces that the Lord loves to give to the souls that enthrone His Sacred Heart in their homes.  Our Parishes are St Mary of Milaca, MN and St Louis of Foreston, MN.Mission Dates:  December 3rd through 6th,  2017 Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and Savior; we are so grateful for your prayers! Ad majorem Dei Gloriam!
1061 1193
Margaret Doherty
Cleveland, Ohio
Dear Sisters:Please pray for my Aunt Anne Bremer. She fell and broke her hip and wrist. Thank you for your prayers.Margaret
1062 1194
S C Martinsky
San Jose, California
Please pray for my cousin Margaret Fox Potter who rescently had surgery
1063 1195
Mother Mary enlighten me and let me have a purpose driven life. Give me good career,health and happiness to my family and to my near and dear ones. Thankyou 
1064 1196
We pray and thank you for our new roof. 
1065 1197
Good health and gift of another healthy child.
1066 1198
That I listen to who God wants me to be, and how to serve Him. Also, that members in my family return to God with a trusting heart in His mercy and love. 
1067 1199
St. Paul MN
I pray that I can be happy and my hearts desires fulfilled, I pray that everyone around me who envies and resents me finds their peace and happiness so that I may be left alone, I pray that I may not be judged by the color of my skin but by the content of my heart, I pray that I grow and become a better me than I was every yesterday, I pray that the love I have for this person reciprocates and gives me a fair and equal chance, I pray for intercesions from the most holy to answer my request. Amen 
1068 1200
please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, i am so tired to cover everything by pretending and no matter how hard I pray nothing seems to be working, please pray for Damianus aditya christie and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, everyone tells me to forget and leave it, they keep pressing me. I cried, it's not so easily as they say and imagine. i feel so traumatized, I have been struggling with depressed and suffering for the past 3 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, i depend on you and still hope, if God deign, please God soften and touch Damianus aditya christie heart for me, He means a lot to me. I really love him and disappointed to him at the same time. I can't touch his heart, only God can change people's hearts. please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. if you do not want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you
1069 1201
Westminster, CO
The conversion of my family and my friends, an end to abortion and guidance in financial, career and education decisions for our family.
1070 1202
Estes Park, CO
That I will get over my depression and find a good job.
1071 1203
Matthew McN.
Colorado Springs, CO
That Matt will find a good job soon in a public library.
1072 1204
Please pray for healing, insight, growth, safety, and guidance by Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother Mary.   .  
1073 1205
Falls Church, VA
Please pray for the repose of the soul of my cousin Frank and for his mother Verna to find comfort in God's love.
1074 1206
Alexandria, VA
For the health of my sister in her first pregnancy
1075 1207
Shepherd Family
To be a Holy, happy, and healthy family in Christ Jesus, that Jesus will especially remember Allie's intentions and hope for healing in her stomach, complexion, weight, and broken heart ...Thank you ; )
1076 1208
Gail T
Boness , West Lothian
Please pray for a special request I am currently praying for. Thanks be to God. Amen
1077 1209
Gail T
Please pray for a special request I am currently praying for. Thanks be to God. Amen
1078 1210
For My marriage. For all unborn babies and the purgatory souls. Amen 
1079 1211
Glenville, ny
Pray for my mom who is suffering from depression, pray for my 3 year old grandson you has the mumps and hopefully to cancers tumor on his neck. Pray for my son, and three daughters to come back to Catholic Roman Church and to all the sacarments. For peace in the world. Finally for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!!!  🙂
1080 1212
Orleans ,MA
Marlis DunnAnn Marie MullerNicole O'LearyNorma MayDan ScapellatiNancy Scapellati
1081 1213
Pleasant Hill, CA
My daughter, Michelle's, health and helping her to resolve what ever is making her sad, stressed, and down.
1082 1214
Indianapolis, IN
Please keep in your prayers my family, as we have just entered difficult times. As the mother in our family, I was the breadwinner. Today, I lost my job. My daughter is 4 and was born two Calendar days after Jesus, December 27. Please grant us the means to provide for her the birthday and Christmas that she is hoping for. Amen
1083 1215
Norman R Cyr
Biloxi, MS
Healing for my wife, my sister, my brother and the rest of the people who remain in my heart. 
1084 1216
May the Blessed Mother pray for my daughters Nicole and Jessica.
1085 1217
That I may found a congregation which will accept me at my age so that l can continue with my desire selve God as a Religious.
1086 1218
1087 1219
Jessica Kozlowski
Phoenix, AZ
Blessings to you!I am writing to ask your prayers for our retreat coming up over the New Year (Dec 30-Jan 1) in Phoenix. Please pray for our 250 retreatants, for all of our plans and preparations, and those who will be leading the retreat. Our theme, “Give Me your Scarred Heart”, focuses on greater healing and freedom in Christ.Thank you so much!Jessica
1088 1220
murfreesboro, tn
family in grief, housing for me
1089 1221
Pray for me and my family
1090 1222
1091 1223
Latham NY
Please pray for my strength, I recently lost my mother to cancer. I was her caretaker for the last 10 yrs. This is the worst time of my life. 
1092 1224
Please help Rosario with her health. Please guide me and our family, make us have good health. Please take care of our nisiness and professions, that our patients get cured.
1093 1225
Relief from health issue
1094 1226
Healing for my back injury and nerve damage to legs from injury.  Thank you 
1095 1227
Frank Courtney
silver spring md
My wish is… Love and help all that are in need and protect our rites to do so without persecution.
1096 1229
Patricia DiCarlo
Laurel, MCD
petition for calm in the stressful period I am having in my life now
1097 1230
Dennis Charlton
Mill Valley
Henry and Lolita Charlton  Patrick and Ellen Burns and Jim Fox   all deceased
1098 1231
Ingo Breuer
Mechernich, Germany
I pray for you that the Lord would protect you from the abortion lobby's lawsuits and that you will get justice. That America is going to turn to a culture of life.Please pray for me for guidance regarding marriage and for June Gimenez.
1099 1232
Old Saybrook, Ct
For my good friends who are suffering with many different afflictions.  Please help them.
1100 1233
Excelsior MN
For my husband to be released from prison in 2017, and for financial, spiritual and emotional provision for me and my 4 children in his absence. In thanksgiving for Fr Mark Dosh and for his healing and intentions.
1101 1235
Palatine il
Please help us to find care for my mom who raised 10 children in the love of the catholic faith.
1102 1236
David Singleton 
Daphne Alabama 
I'm still praying for you to have a facility in Baldwin county. 
1103 1237
Susana Burke
Warren, RI
1104 1238
I lost my fiancé almost 2 years ago to suicide and it’s really traumatized me to the point where I’ve lost faith in God and I’m even not sure if he even exists. Please pray for me. Pray for my sanity, my inner peace and please pray that I find the strength and ability to trust and love God again.
1105 1239
Daniel S
Seattle WA
Dear little sisters of the poor, please pray for me.  I have suffered with aids for over 23 years and my health is so bad.  Thank you.
1106 1240
DS and MS
That their marriage will stay strong during difficult times.
1107 1241
Christine, Lee, Jan
1108 1242
Colleen yeilding
Edgewood, New Mexico
Please pray for my family & a speedy recovery to my injury.  Also pray to end abortion.
1109 1243
Please pray for us to get good buyers to our  restaurant so that all our financial problems  be solved
1110 1244
McKees Rocks
Help with my health. Thank you!
1111 1245
please pray that my retina and cataract surgery on 5th dec may be successful and my sight restored
1112 1246
Bangalore karnataka 
DEAR Sisters please pray for my upcoming 3rd semester Exams from 4 of December till 21 I am very scared of all my papers as I also have 3 subjects back logs of 1st wen sister please do keep me in your prayers 
1113 1247
San Pedro
To be happy and free from suicidal thoughts. To find comfort and purpose. To find a family to love me. To find a place of work to feed myself. To be strong throughtout this struggle. I pray for you for praying for me. Hail Mary. God be with the one praying for me. Thank you and Amen.
1114 1248
San Pedro
To be happy and free from suicidal thoughts. To find comfort and purpose. To find a family to love me. To find a place of work to feed myself. To be strong throughtout this struggle. I pray for you for praying for me. Hail Mary. God be with the one praying for me. Thank you and Amen.
1115 1249
San Pedro
To be happy and free from suicidal thoughts. To find comfort and purpose. To find a family to love me. To find a place of work to feed myself. To be strong throughtout this struggle. I pray for you for praying for me. Hail Mary. God be with the one praying for me. Thank you and Amen.
1116 1250
world peacefood and shelter for the needy
1117 1251
Cincinnati, OH
Pray that Drew goes to mass regularly. Pray for health and healing Greg, Kyle, Mimi,  and myself. Pray for our religious freedom as Catholics and Christians. 
1118 1252
Pittsburgh PA
That my children have a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul, a strong faith and the courage to live it.  
1119 1253
Los Angeles 
Pray for the strength of my family, their health and unification. Also praying for continual protection and guidance for my daughter over her mind, her actions and her behavior. 
1120 1254
Glenviee, Il
Defeat of HB39, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill
1121 1255
Newark Delaware 
1122 1256
Nancy Atmur
Whittier, Ca.
Pray for me so that I can volunteer to help The Little Sisters of the Poor
1123 1258
Beth Senay
Please pray that I find the right job to keep me and my family safe and happy.
1124 1261
indianapolis, IN
1125 1262
Pittsburgh, PA
For my family's many needs and problems.
1126 1272
Erica la fuente
Please help me to get well after the operation give strength and help me to be a better person Avery day
1127 1281
Pittsburgh, PA
Please pray for relief in our life.  For visible help from drug addiction for my son and forgiveness peace and love in our family.
1128 1450
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1130 1495
For employment, good spouses and peace, love and forgiveness in our family and home