Creative Ways of Celebrating Saint Jeanne Jugan

During the month of August numerous activities were planned by our activities department in Washington, D.C. to help the Residents learn more about Saint Jeanne Jugan and prepare for her feast day. Brittany-themed activities ranged from cooking to crafts to movies.

Weekly Jeanne Jugan crafts included making lavender wands and lavender water (because lavender fields are found all over France, including the cliffs overlooking Mont St. Michel where St. Jeanne worked as a shepherdess), for which we were blessed to receive a donation of fresh lavender from a farm in Washington state; Jeanne Jugan “stained glass” sun catchers and miniature beach scenes made by filling glass ornaments with sand and shells. We also colored drawings of Brittany-related themes, which were then made into a display.

In the culinary domain we baked Breton palets (butter cookies), made crêpes and enjoyed a French wine and cheese tasting party. Other activities included a “virtual” Breton dance festival (via DVD), a history lecture on Jeanne Jugan’s Brittany and a movie entitled The War of the Vendée, about the counter-revolution waged by the Catholics of the Vendée region of France (the southern region of Brittany) against the Revolutionary forces in 1793.  Finally, we had a scavenger hunt which took Residents and staff all over the house studying the Jeanne Jugan exhibition and various images related to the Congregation.

The Residents and staff really enjoyed learning about Saint Jeanne Jugan and exploring creative avenues at the same time!








Perpetual Profession 2014

We're a little late getting the photos posted, but on August 24 26 Little Sisters made their perpetual vows at our motherhouse, La Tour Saint Joseph, in France. Four of the Little Sisters have been assigned to the UNIted States and we eagerly await their arrival!






















Congregation Receives "People of Life Award"

Several weeks ago Mother Loraine Marie Clare, superior of our Baltimore province, received a letter from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, informing her that our Congregation had been chosen to receive the “People of Life Award” at their annual Diocesan Pro-Life Leadership Conference, which was to take place July 27–30, 2014 in Charleston, South Carolina. She was invited to attend a Mass and banquet there Monday evening, July 28, where the Award would be presented.

Two of us traveled south to attend the July 28 Mass at Charleston’s Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, followed by the banquet at the Francis Marion Hotel. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap., current chairman of the Bishops’ pro-life secretariat, was the homilist at the Mass; he also presented the awards. In his homily he spoke about how the pro-life movement must be a work of mercy that knows how to show equal concern for the unborn child and the mother. “It must be clear that our motivation is love and our context is mercy,” he said, echoing the refreshing teaching of Pope Francis.

Along with our Congregation, two individuals were presented with the annual “People of Life Award” — Sheila Hopkins, immediate past director for social concerns and respect life at the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops; and George Wesolek, director of public policy and social concerns in the archdiocese of San Francisco, who was given the award posthumously and was represented by his wife and daughter. Each of the award winners was introduced by a member of the USCCB pro-life staff.

Deirdre McQuade, assistant director for policy and communications at the USCCB, presented our mission and charism, referring to our apostolate as a “round the clock witness to the Culture of Life.” During dinner she had explained to us that the “People of Life Award” winners are chosen by the USCCB staff based on their long-term commitment to the Gospel of Life. Recipients, she said, are often the “unsung heroes” of the pro-life movement. While our stand against the HHS Mandate and all of the publicity it has generated was a factor in their decision to bestow this honor on the Congregation, she said, we were happy to learn that we were also chosen based on our longtime daily service to the most vulnerable elderly.

 Cardinal O’Malley presented Mother Provincial Loraine Marie with the crystal, engraved award, which read:

 People of Life

The Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities of the

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

recognizes the outstanding leadership of

Little Sisters of the Poor

dedicated to serving the elderly and vulnerable

Presented this 28th day of July 2014 at the

National Meeting of Diocesan Pro-Life Directors


“We are a people of life because God, in his unconditional love,

has given us the Gospel of Life … and we are called to act accordingly.”

Saint John Paul II



As daughters of St. Jeanne Jugan we never quite grow accustomed to public accolades, and yet we were pleased to be recognized as “unsung heroes,” a title most befitting our humble foundress!



On the Feast of St John Eudes

St John Eudes is a relatively little-known saint in our country, but he was a giant in French Catholicism and quite influential in the spirituality of Saint Jeanne Jugan. Today as we celebrate his feast, we share this beautiful prayer to the sacred Heart of Jesus, the focus of Eudes' spirituality. The photo is from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Ave Cor

St. John Eudes


Hail, Heart most holy,

Hail, Heart most meek,

Hail, Heart most humble,

Hail, Heart most pure,

Hail, Heart most devout,

Hail, Heart most vigilant,

Hail, Heart most wise,

Hail, Heart most patient,

Hail, Heart most obedient,

Hail, Heart most faithful,

Hail, Heart most blessed,

Hail, Heart most merciful,

Hail, most loving heart of Jesus and Mary.


We adore you,

We praise you,

We glorify you,

We give you thanks,

We love you

With all our heart,

With all our soul,

With all our strength.


We offer you our heart,

We give it to you,

We consecrate it to you,

We sacrifice it to you,

Receive it an possess it totally,

Purify it,

Enlighten it,

Sanctify it.


That you may live and reign in it now and forever. Amen.



Senior Saints Trivia (answers)

1. St Bernadette

2. St Augustine

3. 99

4. 120

5. St Catherine of Siena

6. He was rendered mute

7. St Frances Xavier Cabrini

8. St John

9. bakers

10. Jewish

Bonus: "God who establishes," or "he who prepares"