Little Sisters to Receive Evangelium Vitae Medal

Little Sisters to Receive Notre Dame Medal For Standing Up Against Obama HHS Mandate


The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture will award the 2016 Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Medal to the Little Sisters of the Poor and their Mother Provincial, Sr. Loraine Marie Maguire.

“For more than 175 years, the Little Sisters of the Poor have dedicated their lives to humble service of the most vulnerable among us,” said O. Carter Snead, William P. and Hazel B. White Director of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. “Their work and witness embody the goods at the heart of the Evangelium Vitae Medal. Their unwavering defense of the unborn in the HHS mandate litigation, alongside their longstanding work to care for the elderly poor, offers a beautiful and powerful witness to the unique, inviolable dignity of every person, from conception to natural death. Their work is a testament to the radical solidarity and hospitality at the core of the Gospel of Life.” READ MORE


The Intersection of Charism and Apostolate

by Nicole O'Leary, a student at Notre Dame University

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary…”

I was perched on the arm of an empty recliner when I heard those words.  Glancing across the room, I discovered their origin in a seemingly unlikely pair: a youthful, pastel-clad nurse and Betsey, an elderly woman who was confined to a wheelchair and whose dementia often left her feeling anxious and distressed.  At this moment, however, Betsey’s face was serene as she and the nurse recited the familiar words of the Memorare prayer. READ MORE



WMOF: What I learned from my grandparents















We set up our booth at the World Meeting of Families to give participants a chance to celebrate the elderly by sharing what they learned from their grandparents. We got a bit behind posting these contributions during the event last week, but here is a summary of the contributions made over the three days of the expo...

My Grandma taught me table manners and my grandfather taught me a great passion for the study of history.

My grandfather once wrote me in a letter, “Never stop learning.”

My grandparents me enseñaron lo que es muy valioso en la vida, valores y amor x el prójimo Dios me los bendiga siempre. (They taught me what is valuable in life, values and love of neighbor.God blessed me through them.)

My Grandma taught me to live simply and with joy!

My grandparents taught me that no matter what my situation in life is, always to be small and humble before God, and to trust!

My grandparents taught me that I was worth their love
and that no matter what happens God loves me.

My grandparents taught me that if I kept close to God he would always provide.

My grandparents taught me about LOVE and that I am loved …
even now that they have gone home to God.

As a grandparent I am teaching my 8 grandchildren to love and be loved.

I am a grandmother blessed by volunteering at the home in Tacna, Peru.

Spirit of volunteerism

My grandparents taught me to never give up.

If God is first in your life, goodness will follow you always. He will take care of you.

The value of family and honoring commitment; hard work

Patience, gentleness and unconditional LOVE

The gift of laughter, music, family, love, how to sew, play the piano and make spaghetti sauce! Yum!

Love is the most important thing in life. You don’t have to like what a person does but you must love them.

Love is everlasting, but use it wisely. LOVE ALL, especially when they are depressed!!

Trust God, trust your family and most of all, trust yourself.

My grandmother taught me what it means to be a family.

My maternal grandmother taught me to pray the Angelus and have devotion to the Virgin Mary.

To live one day at a time!


To trust in God everyday. Turn myself over and let him guide me
in everything I do.

Fuente de bendieion, amor y sabrduria.
(My grandparents were a source of blessing, love and wisdom.)

My grandfather taught me that it’s good, wholesome and cool to read the Bible everyday.

I owe my faith to my grandmother Susana. If it weren’t for her, I would not be Catholic.

From my grandparents I learned that “Every life matters.”

From Grandparents, our prayers and desire for our children
and their children to have a love for Jesus through the Catholic Church.

My great-grandmother was the first person to teach me the concept of the stone soup story.

I learned the good Irish faith and I hope I’ll pass it on to my grandchildren.

I learned hospitality from my Grandma.

I learned love.








I learned to respect others and to always be patient.

I learned to read and to play checkers!

I learned to tie my shoes.

I learned to work hard.

Pray, hope, don’t worry.

I learned never to fight with my sisters because I’ll need them one day.

Don’t eat Oreos and Cheetos everyday.

From grandma Nye I learned how to pray.

I learned how to be patient.

I learned to help everyone.

I learned to help others.

To save a little each week, and that food is a celebration of family and hospitality/love for others.

I learned to be cool!

Mangia e fate grande.

A smile costs nothing.

To volunteer at church.

No one loves you like Grandma.

How to cook sauce.

The importance of hard work.

How to speak up.

Anytime is a good time for an adventure!

That love is the answer to everything.


To love God!

To love family.

The importance of community.

Unconditional love

To stick together.

To be kind.








Saturday in Philly, Family Festival

On Saturday we set off for Center City to attend a Mass in French at St. John's Church, once the parish of two saints, St John Neumann and St Katherine Drexel! After arriving late because of security we found places in the back corner of the church, just as Mass was beginning. How surprised we were when Cardinal André Vingt-Trois of Paris mentioned our presence to everyone in the packed church. Just a little humbling!

After Mass we set off for the festival of Families along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, where we spent the rest of the day, along with thousands of wonderful people. The Holy Father whizzed by in the Pope-Mobile prior to the prayer vigil, so we didn't see him too well, but that didn't really matter. The vigil was inspiring, especially when Pope Francis cast aside his prepared speech to address us spontaneously. He was so animated!

Here are some images from a memorable Saturday!












































































































































WMOF Closing Mass

Sunday dawned a bit cloudy but we boarded the #13 trolley undaunted and made our way downtown to stake out our places on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway once again. Amazingly we met some people we knew, including the college roommate of our postulant, Angela. A five-hour wait was not too long in order to see Pope Francis one more time. The Mass was solemn, prayerful, awesome ... and we hated to bid Pope Francis farewell as we headed for home on our trusty trolley #13! What an experience!

One of our Little Sisters shares her impressions of a week dedicated to families...

The World Meeting of Families 2015, climaxed by the presence of our Holy Father Francis in Philadelphia was truly an ecclesial experience! What touched me most was the emphasis on the close link between Consecrated Life and Family Life. So many conferences brought out how both are complementary icons of the fruitful love of our Triune God. The very first Mass of the World Meeting was celebrated for Consecrated Life. The presence of so many priests and religious intermingling with the multitude of beautiful families was a sight for sore eyes! The Church, in her glorious diversity, was just so alive. Our Holy Father, on this last leg of his journey to the States, seemed as invigorated by this sight as the crowds were encouraged by his warm, pastoral manner.

Blessed be God!
















































































WMOF Impressions, final day

A collection o photos from here and thee to share the sights in Philly...